Key Correspondents’ Profiles

Please find links to the work of the key correspondents who write for the Irish Global Health Network. Our key correspondents come from all over the globe and have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. This adds to the interest and the large variety of topics that IGHN covers in its articles.

Key Correspondents

Ciara Keating

Maisie Jones

Viveka Guzman

Jiewon Lim

Megan Hayes

Eunice Tolu Phillip

Líbhan Collins

Jane O’Flynn

Rebecca Brennan

Morgane Clarke

Rosie Jervase

Clare Murphy

Ellen Corby, MSc.

Ashley Scott

Camille Rich

Dr. Sebastian Kevany, MA MPH PhD

Ellen O'Hanrahan

Aidan Desjardins

Allister McCord

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