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Our Team

At the IGHN, we work hard to support our members and get the message out across the whole of our extensive network, but this doesn’t happen by itself!

Our team is comprised of two important components – the Secretariat, who conduct the majority of IGHN operations, and our dynamic Student Outreach Group Members, who conduct events and outreach in academic campuses around Ireland, north and south.

The IGHN Secretariat

Nadine Ferris France

IGHN Executive Director

Nadine Ferris France is the Executive Director for the Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Ireland. She is a communicator, writer, trainer and civil society activist with over 20 years’ experience in gender, HIV and global health. She has worked extensively with global, regional and national civil society networks on HIV and TB for many years as the co-founder and Executive Director of Health & Development Networks (HDN).

In addition to her experience within the NGO-field, she has also worked extensively with the World Health Organization and also lectures with various academic institutions. She is currently a member of the Programme Advisory Panel for the Robert Carr Civil Society Network Fund and the European AIDS Treatment Group. At this stage in her own professional development, she is particularly passionate about issues such as self-stigma affecting people living with HIV and survivors of gender-based violence. Nadine holds an MSc in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin. Her full profile is available at:

Get in touch with Nadine via email at [email protected]

Maisie Jones

Network and Communications Programme Lead

Maisie holds a Masters of Public Health (MPH) from University College Cork, Ireland. She previously studied for her BSc Health and Society at Dublin City University, during which time her interest and passion for global health was peaked.

Her Masters research thesis focused on the barriers and facilitators to asylum seekers accessing sexual health services within the direct provision system, and she has been involved in several other health research projects including studies related to cancer genetics services, societal factors of the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, dementia in health promotion policy, and maternal, newborn, and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa.

She also holds a Professional Diploma in PR and Marketing Communications, a Diploma in Web Design, and a Professional Diploma in Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design.

Maisie is passionate about all areas of global and public health, especially migrant health, women’s health, and sexual and reproductive health. She began her journey at the Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER as a professional communications and events intern and progressed to her current role.

Visit Maisie’s full profile here, and get in touch via email [email protected]

Violeta Prenga

Finance and Administrative Officer

Violeta is a pragmatic finance officer with skills in project coordination, account management, and business analysis. She is proficient in job-related software paired with advanced knowledge of accounting procedures and processes. Throughout her career, she has contributed to positive business results through effective organisation, prioritisation, and follow-through of key organisational projects.

Violeta believes that financial inclusion is a key enabler in reducing poverty and boosting prosperity and that it can help bridge financial resiliency gaps that are seen in various racial, gender, and other underserved communities.

Get in touch with Violeta via email at [email protected]


Joan Bolger

Training and learning Coordinator

Joan has a background in Journalism, particularly in international news, having worked in foreign press agencies and various roles within newspapers. For the past 15 years, she has worked in the NGO sector, managing web and offline campaigns, crafting press materials, and pitching to press. More recently she has expanded her focus to contribute to the area of global health e-training.  

Get in touch with Joan via email at [email protected]

Caragh Munn

Programme Coordinator, ESTHER Ireland

Caragh Munn is the programme coordinator at ESTHER Ireland. She has 10 years’ experience in a variety of roles in Community and Global Health.

Her experience in managing and coordinating international partnerships and programs includes roles within the NGO sector, and working in Ethiopia supporting the National Network of People Living with HIV to deliver programmes to meet the needs of their members.

She also has experience in bridging the gap between healthcare providers in Ireland and marginalised populations, having worked in Traveller Primary Healthcare Programmes and most recently in Social Prescribing.

Caragh holds both a Master in Public Health and a Master in International Humanitarian Action.

Get in touch with Caragh via email at [email protected]

Elaine Sly

ESTHER Ireland - Communications and Grant Management Intern

I studied International Development and Food Policy at UCC. In my third year, I did a placement with Self Help Africa for 6 months as a programme intern with a focus on M&E, I travelled to Malawi with them to collect data and got to see some projects going on there. I graduated in 2020 and I focused my dissertation on ‘The Challenges Women Entrepreneurs face in Developing Countries – with a specific focus on Africa’. I have experience interning with Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and Stand. ie. I have a diverse set of skills as I also own and manage two hospitality businesses in Ireland. 
Get in touch with Elaine via email at [email protected]

Gabriel Oke

Professional Intern - Training and Learning

Gabriel is a health communications professional, data analyst, researcher, and project manager with a passion for utilising health technology to bolster health systems and communication strategies. Holding an MSc from the University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda, he boasts six years of experience in project management, health communications, and research.

Throughout his career, Gabriel has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles, grey literature, and opinion pieces for esteemed journals and online media platforms. He possesses a diverse skill set encompassing research writing, op-ed and blog composition, technical writing, data analysis, photography, graphics design, podcasting and project management. Gabriel firmly believes in harnessing the potential of data and technology to optimise healthcare operations, enhance patient engagement, and empower individuals to proactively manage their well-being.

Get in touch with Gabriel via email at [email protected]


Ivana Hussu

Professional Intern - Communications and Events


Ivana is finishing her MSc in Global Health at Uppsala University, Sweden. She also has a clinical background and holds a BA in Nursing from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Over the years Ivana has volunteered in social and environmental initiatives in her hometown, Trieste. During her university years Ivana completed a clinical training in The Gambia and after finishing her BA in nursing, she worked in the paediatric ICU at the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, which she left to pursue a Global Health degree. In the past two years Ivana has volunteered and worked as an intern in various Swedish and international NGOs and organisations focusing on the concept of “one health”, sustainable actions and advocacy.  

 Ivana has a deep interest in mental health issues, digital health solutions, environmental health and equal rights in accessing high-quality healthcare. Additionally, she is passionate about discovering new realities by connecting with others through travel, photography and video making. 

 Ivana looks forward to hopefully integrating all of her passions and positively contributing in the field of Global Health. 

 Get in touch with Ivana  via email at [email protected]


Tobi Olukoya

Professional Intern - Communications, Events and National Student Outreach Team

Tobi is an MSc International Development postgrad at the University of Birmingham, UK.  She also possesses a BA ( Honours )  in International Politics and Law from Middlesex University London.

Over the last five years, she has garnered valuable professional and voluntary experience in international and community development. Tobi is deeply passionate about various aspects of international development including; intersectional gender equality, humanitarian action and migration. And has been actively engaged in work focused on migrant youth capacity building, promoting diversity and inclusion, and advancing pathways to equitable social access. Seen through her involvement with Black & Irish, Ainembabazi Children Project Uganda,  and Longford African Network. 

She looks forward to contributing to raising global awareness about the racial and socioeconomic dimensions of healthcare inequality. 

Get in touch with Tobi via email at [email protected]


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