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March 28, 2022


IGHN events provide an excellent opportunity to help maximise Ireland’s contribution to a world in which all people of all ages can achieve and sustain good health and well-being. We are working towards a better tomorrow and our events provide a unique opportunity to get involved in the pressing issues related to global health. They focus on topics such as HIV and AIDS; mental health; maternal and child health; climate change and the environment; equitable access to vaccines; water and sanitation; obesity and non-communicable disease along with other areas of intervention.

We provide tailor-made packages for sponsors at all levels of support. Learn more about how you can participate and support the IGHN event portfolio as an individual or organisation.

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Our global team has extensive experience in managing both in-person and online events for diverse, international audiences in the global health sector. Over the past two years alone, IGHN has hosted 40+ live web events with over 120 leading Irish and international speakers and with 25,000+ viewers. Our events and conferences have attracted audiences from 80+ countries.

The success we have enjoyed in hosting events has led to wide recognition among our peers about the success and wide reach of our international events. Our two-day flagship global health conference held in the Autumn is currently the only global health conference held in Ireland. If you would like to get involved in participating in or sponsoring our conference in November, please reach our to team at the following email: for
further information.


The IGHN podcast series is an interview series and archive of personal testimonies from some of Ireland’s leading global health influencers including doctors, ambassadors, campaign advocates, activists, and media personalities who are leading the charge in their respective fields. To participate or support our Global health Podcast series, please reach out to


The IGHN Student Outreach Team was formed to give students a stronger voice in the IGHN. It is composed of a group of current students and recent graduates of courses related to global health and development across nine universities in Ireland.

This group allows the students to contribute new and innovative ideas, helps ensure that the IGHN is meeting student needs, and provides members with exciting opportunities and connections in the field of global health. We
also run a student podcast series, a series by students for students which focuses on the experiences of early-career professionals and undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students focused on global health.

To foster creative and innovative thinking and develop a sustainable outlook among students, we will be conducting a “National Debate” in 2022 for which we are welcoming sponsors.


Our experienced team helps provide technical and strategic support for the organisation for both online and in-person events. We have 20 years of experience managing diverse, international audiences in the global healthcare sector. We provide support in pre- and post-event management, advertising, and coordination of participants of 500+ attendees.


As part of our mission to constantly drive awareness within the Global Health community, host a number of fledgling organisations on the domain including: Women in Global Health Ireland; Doctors for Vaccine Equity; and the Ireland Africa Alliance for NCDs.

The Global Health Incubator for those working in the health sector to work towards overcoming common challenges experienced by start-up organisations. We support them with: hosting events; building an online presence; and growing to connect with a wider audience.


The series serves to showcase the individuals behind global health activities in Ireland, from grassroots communities and health groups; to those working to implement international global health policy overseas.

It offers perspectives from Ireland’s NGOs and civil society organisations as well as charting our national presence and influence internationally and provides exceptional opportunities to get educated on topical issues in global health.

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