ESTHER Partnerships Forum 2020 – Live Web Event

by globalhealth on Nov 9, 2020 in ESTHER, Past Events
A Bright Future for Health Partnerships Date of Forum:  **November 11, 2020** Time: 15:00 – 17:00 Irish Time (GMT) The 5th ESTHER Ireland Partnerships Forum took place on November 11, 2020 as part of a live web event. The previous six months were a time of great challenge, and also a time of great innovation,...

ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships

by globalhealth on Oct 19, 2020 in ESTHER
ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships is a network of Governments and allied organisations promoting institutional health partnerships, within which practicing health professionals work with their peers in other countries. One of the priority areas of the Alliance is to promote the partnership approach as an...

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