The Key Correspondents Programme

The Key Correspondents Programme

The Key Correspondents programme is a new chapter of street advocacy and citizen outreach in the IFGH’s long history of citizen journalism. 

The IFGH’s team of Key Correspondents have been a valued source of information-rich content for the Forum. Their contributions on topics relating to issues of global health and development have led to a diverse range of outputs, taking the form of conference reporting, written reports, event previews, op-eds, and other media such as photos, videos and podcasts. The programme aims to highlight a fresh local-global perspectives and diverse scope of experiences from the next generation of professionals engaged and working in the field of health and development.

Finger on the Pulse is the Irish Forum for Global Health’s annual Key Correspondents publication, offering a panorama of the latest issues in the field of global health. What distinguishes this publication is the fact that it has been written by a team of Key Correspondents, who have volunteered their expertise and viewpoints as fledgling health professionals to contribute to a project that is both diverse in opinion and in-depth in analysis.

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The IFGH provides a platform for displaying the content of this initiative, as well as offers biannual training opportunities, workshops, and continuous editorial support in order to generate content.  Furthermore, financial support to attend local events or external workshops is provided for contributors interested in growing and utilising these skills.  The same opportunities apply to those writers both within and outside of Ireland. The initiative is organically driven from the interests and motivations of its contributing writers and aims to link a rights-based approach to health and its underlying determinants whilst offering the next generation of Global Health professionals a space to share ideas and open dialogue.