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October 19, 2022


Author(s): Rea, A., Klabbers, G. 

Title: Racial Bias in Medical Diagnostic Techniques and Algorithms: A Systematic Review


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Author(s): Kilmartin, D., Callagy, G.

Title: Rural-Urban Disparity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer


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Author(s): Varshney, K., Mustafa, A., Pillay, P., Shen, D., Mahmood, M.,  Adalbert, J. R.

Title: Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 & Influenza Co-Infection: A Systematic Review


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Author(s): CPIHD Committee Members. CPIHD is the Special Interest Group of Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) for Healthcare Professionals in International Health and Development. Although developed under the auspices of the ISCP; membership has always been multidisciplinary and inclusive in nature

Title: CPIHD Offers Solidarity (via the SDGs ) in the Realm of International Health and Development.


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Author(s): Tsapayi, M.

Title: What are the Experiences of Single Homeless Men Participating in Housing First?


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Author(s): Cundy, S. Woellwarth, C. Gahan, B.

Title: Redefining Access: Essential Service Delivery in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sierra Leone


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Author(s): Kelly, S., O’Donnell, P., Dee, A.

Title: Economic Evaluation of a Tailored Primary Care Services for Socially Excluded Individuals


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Author(s): TROPEA, F. Programme Director, Concern Worldwide Niger DIABATE, Y. Health and Nutrition Advisor, Concern Worldwide Niger MAHAMADOU, H.M. National Expert Surge Approach, Concern Worldwide Niger MOHAMED, H.A.R. Senior Health and Nutrition Officer, Concern Worldwide Niger TAVANO, G. ERNE Programme Coordinator, Concern Worldwide Niger LAFFERTY, L. CMAM Surge Adviser, Concern Worldwide Dublin BOUSQUET, C. Health Adviser, Concern Worldwide Dublin

Title: Using CMAM Surge Approach to Build Health System Resilience During Acute Malnutrition Peaks, Niger


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Author(s): M’pia Nzombo, J. Program Manager, Concern Worldwide, Chad Pazare, F. Assistant Health, Nutrition and Gender, Concern Worldwide, Chad Ndolimana, P. Area Coordinator, Concern Worldwide, Chad Bousquet, C. Health Adviser, Concern Worldwide, Dublin

Title: Men’s Engagement for Improving Mother and Child Nutrition, Sila Province, Chad


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Author(s): Masulani-Mwale, C., Kaunda P., and Mafuta C.

Title: Incidence of Suicide in Malawi


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