IFGH 2012: Health Promotion Capacity Mapping in Developing Countries

January 27, 2012

Authors: Mahmood S.

Author Affiliations:HPRC WHO Collaborating Centre, NUI Galway, Ireland

Option 1– Scientific / Empirical Research Findings

Presented as – Poster


This study aims to develop, test and refine a framework to map Health Promotion capacity in developing countries. The framework will lead to the development of a tool that can be used to map Health Promotion capacity at a national level.


The study will employ a triangulation of methods to examine Health Promotion capacity mapping in developing countries. The Phase I of the study comprises of a national and international experts’ consultation to reach consensus on a common framework for Health Promotion capacity building in developing countries. The Phase 2 will focus on data collection through in-depth case study analysis of Health Promotion capacity in three developing countries applying the new framework. The analysis will include key policies and document review, an on-line survey of up to 30 key stakeholders in each country augmented by interviews with 10 key informants in each country from policy, practice and academia. In Phase 3 the mapping framework will be further refined through analysis and qualitative synthesis of the case studies data coupled with a consensus building process with country level and international experts.


The Delphi consultation is in process for Phase 1 of the study. In round 1, about 700 experts have been invited to rate and comment on 4 core domains and 18 sub-domains for Health Promotion capacity mapping in developing countries through an online questionnaire.

Discussion/conclusions/ implications:

The findings of the study will produce recommendations for strengthening Health Promotion in developing countries through capacity building. The study will also develop a resource for assessing the infrastructure required for building Health Promotion capacity as a sustainable action in developing countries. The findings of the study will be disseminated through scholarly publications and brought to specific attention of international organisations such as WHO and IUHPE for their consideration and action.


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