Irish Global Health Network Conference 2024 – Fostering Humanity: Promoting Health Equity for a Better Planet

April 17, 2024

Date: 2nd – 3rd October 2024

Location: College Hall, RCSI, Dublin


Irish Global Health Network Conference 2024  

Fostering Humanity: Promoting Health Equity for a Better Planet 

Co-Hosted with RCSI Institute of Global Surgery 


The Irish Global Health Network (IGHN) Biennial Conference 2024 will be convened under the theme Fostering Humanity: Promoting Health Equity for a Better Planet. 




Background and Description 

In a world marked by diversity and interconnectedness, the pursuit of global health equity demands a profound re-evaluation of our approaches. The “Fostering Humanity: Promoting Health Equity for a Better Planet” conference in 2024 emerges as a pivotal gathering point for thought leaders, practitioners, researchers and advocates dedicated to reshaping the landscape of global health. 

This conference is a call to action, recognising the urgent need to foster a sense of shared humanity while dismantling colonial legacies in the realm of global health. By embracing a decolonised and more equitable perspective, participants will delve into innovative strategies, human-centric practices, and inclusive policies that strive for health equity on a global scale. 

The event will feature dynamic discussions, engaging panels, and interactive sessions, providing a platform for diverse voices to contribute to the dialogue on fostering humanity in global health. Examining crucial topics such as health systems, climate change, planetary health, gender equality, humanitarian crises and response, and more, the event aims to delve deeper into collaborative, community-centred solutions. This conference seeks to inspire collective action and empower attendees to spearhead change within their spheres of influence. The conference will also highlight the partnership approach that contributes to health outcomes in the Global South by addressing inequities in access and coverage while improving the quality of services through capacity building and institutional development. 

As we envision a future where health is a universal right and not a privilege, “Fostering Humanity” stands at the intersection of compassion, cultural sensitivity, and resilience. Join us in this transformative journey towards a decolonised, equitable, and truly global approach to health that fosters the well-being of every individual and community. Together, we embark on a mission to reshape the narrative of global health, placing humanity at the heart of our shared endeavour for a healthier planet. 

About the Conference

The conference will bring together global and national practitioners and researchers in global and public health with the aim of providing a unique space for learning, sharing, collaboration, and innovation on global health.  


Specifically, the conference will: 

  • Deliver a finger-on-the-pulse view of Ireland’s contribution to global health. 
  • Provide a dynamic space for knowledge sharing and learning about current global health research, initiatives, and discourse. 
  • Bring the global health community together to promote networking, exchange of ideas, and new collaborations. 
  • Highlight gaps and current challenges in global health research and practice.

Venue and Format

This year’s conference will be a 2 day in-person event at RCSI, College Hall, York Street, Dublin. 

Conference Streams

Across all areas of global health, we particularly seek to emphasise the following cross-cutting issues

  • Humanitarian Crises and Conflict
  • Resilient Health Systems
  • Demonstrating the Impact of the Health Partnership Approach
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Gender Equality in Global Health
  • Intersectionality, Health Equity, and Decolonisation
  • Planetary Health and Environmental Justice
  • Social Determinants of Health

Abstract Submission

The Irish Global Health Network is inviting abstracts from individuals, partnerships, and organisations under the overarching theme of Fostering Humanity: Promoting Health Equity for a Better Planet. We particularly encourage submissions from those who have been or are doing work with a focus on the following:  

  • decolonisation 
  • digital health technologies  
  • community-led initiatives  
  • EU facing initiatives  
  • involving students and young professionals  
  • health and mental health projects in low-resource settings 
  • psychosocial work with refugees or migrant populations  

Submissions are welcome from global and local perspectives.  

Submissions may take the form of research findings, evaluations of programmes and projects, policy lessons from the field, or other forms of systematic learning about global health (i.e., they should be more than opinion or anecdote). 

Abstract submission is now open, click the below for more information and to submit an abstract.


ESTHER Partnerships Pathway

This year we invite all ESTHER Partnerships to participate in the IGHN Conference as we incorporate our Partnerships Forum into the two-day event. We especially welcome abstract submissions from our ESTHER Partnerships.

The Partnerships Pathway will include:

  • Conference stream and parallel session on Demonstrating the Impact of the Health Partnership Approach
  • Keynote Speaker on equity in health partnerships
  • Panel discussion on health partnerships related themes
  • Networking session for ESTHER Partnerships
  • Presentation of ESTHER accreditation awards

Training and Learning Collaboration Opportunities

As we prepare for the conference, we would like to highlight some opportunities for further collaboration and engagement with IGHN: 

  • Collaboration with Training and Learning Unit: We encourage you to collaborate with our new training and learning unit on developing training materials or resources based on your abstract submissions. Please indicate your interest in contributing to course outlines, teaching materials, or other resources via the provided Google Form. 

Guidelines for collaboration with training unit: 

  • Submission of Recorded Presentations?: We strongly encourage presenters to record versions of their presentations as abstract submissions. While this is not obligatory, it would greatly assist us in identifying suitable materials for training purposes. 
  • Consent for Follow-Up Discussions: Please indicate your consent to be contacted for follow-up discussions on training or participation in future training initiatives, such as global health e-modules on a competency in which you have specialist knowledge
  • Preference for Panel Discussions: Abstract submissions proposing panel discussions will be given preference, as these sessions can be valuable for global health and active citizenship training. 
  • Case Studies and Real-World Examples: The training unit in particular seeks abstracts and case studies with real-world examples related to global health challenges and solutions, particularly in resource poor settings.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 2024 conference – stay tuned for more information!




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