Climate Change and Health – the Challenges and the Opportunities

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Climate Change and Health – the Challenges and the Opportunities

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About this conference Climate change is “The greatest threat to global health in the 21st century”*. The direct and indirect impacts of climate change threaten to hinder progress in global health and destroy some of the gains made over the last 150 years. As always, it is the most vulnerable including children, who bear the […]

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The Annual Making Time National Debate 2015


Making Time Debate 3rd Annual Final, Galway        #MakingTimeDebate2015    This year on the 25th March the 3rd Annual Making Time National Debate (MTD) was held at NUI Galway. This year the MTD final was hosted in collaboration with the fledgling Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Society (CCAFS) of NUI Galway, led by Student Outreach Group (SOG) member […]

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Ending Ireland’s Apathy to Climate Change


GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Colm Duffy As we approach 2050, the world has significant challenges that need to be tackled to ensure food and environmental security. With the global population set to increase to 9-12 billion the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) predicts that food production must increase by 70% to meet demand. […]

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