Key Correspondents’ Workshop

Our next Key Correspondents’ Workshop takes place on September 11, in Beaux Lane House, RCSI. It is being facilitated by Dr. Steve MacDonald working with the Irish Forum for Global Health.




Date: September 11, 2019

Time: 5.00-8.30pm

Location: Irish Forum for Global Health, Beaux Lane House, Dublin 2.

Steve will work with participants to give them an understanding of the skills required to write original and thought-provoking pieces when reporting on global health conferences, using their own professional backgrounds as the pivotal starting point. Through their unique lens, students will learn best practices in writing and reporting using a rights-based approach to health and its underlying determinants. Ultimately, the initiative is organically driven from the interests and motivations of its contributing correspondents.

Read the news reports from our existing team of Key Correspondents and learn more about our Student Outreach Group and how you can get involved.


  1. The workshop is a structured training programme designed to improve writing and advocacy skills and facilitated by experienced professionals and/or journalists
  2. The workshop aims to provide a platform to represent the voices of young professionals, working both locally and internationally, drawing from the ‘next-generation’ of global health and development workers
  3. The Key Correspondents programme seeks to nurture a team of dedicated citizen journalists who will contribute regularly at national and international conferences and join the public discourse on issues of importance in health both nationally and internationally


  1. Participate in a formal training session and real-world event, with travel supported by the IFGH if coming from outside the city where the events are held
  2. Attend a local Global Health related event supported by, and as representatives of, the IFGH Key Correspondent initiative with media passes issued and negotiated by IFGH
  3. Once articles are written, editorial support is provided with efficient follow-up on articles and constructive editorial input for improvements
  4. Receive recognition for contributions on IFGH website, social media, and additional member networks. The IFGH will provide a platform for displaying content as well as ongoing editorial support to correspondents.
  5. Improve skills for advocacy across written communications

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