Our Members

Our Members

Student Representatives 2017/18


Rosie James

Rosie is a Canadian-British medical student, originally from Vancouver. For the past 3.5 years, she has been studying medicine at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway. She is passionate about improving global health through health promotion and disease prevention projects.

Her experience in the global health field ranges from volunteering for multiple science and health organizations, to interning for the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe. Rosie is a co-chair for the Association of Medical Students Ireland (AMSI) at NUI Galway. She is also the national coordinator for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) Ireland, an organization that is committed to changing the R&D system in universities to encourage better access to medicines worldwide.


Shayna Henry

Shayna is Canadian medical student in her third year of the Graduate Entry Medicine Program at UCC. Prior to starting medical school, she completed an undergraduate degree, as well as a Masters in Global Health where she was able to further explore her interest in the field, particularly in global health policy.
In her hometown of Toronto, ON, Shayna has been involved with several NGOs and local advocacy organizations. Her interests are mostly focused on HIV/AIDS as well as the care of vulnerable populations. She is particularly interested in the intersection between politics, economics, and health and how those interactions play out on a global scale.


Emer Murphy

Hello, my name is Emer Murphy from Cork, Ireland. In 2016 I graduated from University College Cork with a B.A in International Development and Food Policy. Throughout my undergraduate I refined my study through elective modules which I felt related to Global Health processes and infrastructures, such as public health, nutrition, human rights studies, health promotion and economics. These topics ignited a passion within me which urged me to seek further study. Currently I am undertaking the MSc of Global Health in Trinity College Dublin.

During the course of my undergraduate studies I was given the opportunity to work with various NGOs and non-profit organisations in Darjeeling India and my hometown Cork. This included working closely with individuals with mental/physical disabilities, addiction, victims of domestic violence and at-risk children. Both experiences brought many Global Health issues to my attention, and I could tangibly see the impacts of poor healthcare systems, social oppression and lack of infrastructure and resources. Working alongside the Irish Forum for Global Health has always been a dream of mine, as I feel this experience will be invaluable to my educational and personal growth.

Emer Donovan

My name is Erin Donovan.  I am a Colorado Native and a global scholar. I studied International Development: Finance and Economics  at Colorado State University; and I have had the privilege of living, studying, volunteering,  and working in communities throughout  Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Australia.

Since graduation I worked have been working for a corporate law firm in Denver, Colorado but keeping my development feet wet by working with the Colorado Homeless Collation and Catholic Charities doing intake and emergency shelter services for homeless women.More recently I was privileged to be dive into to the 7 Elements model of International Development while working with US and European students with an interest and aptitude for delivering health care education and services to Haitian communities in the border towns of the Dominican Republic.

Currently I am undergoing a MSc. In Global Health At Trinity College, Dublin, and have become engulfed with the research and theories behind access and adequacy in our health care systems, and how they are implemented worldwide. I know this opportunity with the Irish Forum for Global Health will only help me to expand upon my understandings and am ecstatic at the opportunity of being able to collaborate and elaborate ideas with such an incredible network.


Nneka Mckenzie

My name is Nneka Mckenzie and I am a Canadian medical student finishing my first year at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Throughout the last few years of medical school, I have been introduced to the numerous different aspects of global health and have become passionate in its improvement. I am interested in the effects of infectious disease on specific populations and hope to use my medical training to make a positive difference. I am excited for this opportunity as being apart of the Irish Forum for Global Health will give me a chance to educate myself about healthcare at the global level.



University of Limerick

Ravenna Patel

Ravenna Patel is an American-British first year medical student at the Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick. She graduated in 2016 with a B.A. in Neuroscience and Behaviour from Columbia University and has since then developed a keen interest in global health, mental health, and health equity, among other causes. In her college town of New York City, she became involved in international medical aid volunteering, empowering school youths to self-advocate for their medical health, and serving as president of her college’s Pre-Medical Society. She hopes to pursue public health in the medical field or in global aid organisations post-graduation and is looking forward to being part of a national global health forum as her first step towards global and medical health advocacy.