IGHNx: Humanity and Health

April 24, 2023

IGHNx: Humanity and Health
Inspiring Creativity, Enhancing Innovation, Promoting Activism 

Date:  Tuesday 24th October, 08:00 – 17:00 Irish Time

Location: Richmond Barracks, Dublin




We would like to sincerely thank you for attending and contributing to IGHNx: Humanity and Health. This was our first time ever organising an event like this and we were delighted by the overwhelming response we received. 

We had over 100 in-person attendees with a further 130 online viewers, 15 phenomenal speakers shortlisted through a robust nomination process, 6 music and performance artists, a Storytelling Workshop and 4 Open Mic Storytellers. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for making the event that it was!

We would love to hear from you. If you were in attendance and have not yet done so, please take two minutes to complete the evaluation form at the top of this page to let us know your thoughts!

Keep an eye out here for more pictures, videos, and more to come!


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As an Irish community committed and passionate about equity, humanity, and inclusivity, we bring to you our very own version of a TEDx event; IGHNx. A break from our usual style of conference, this event stepped away from the mainstream and delved into a world of diverse thinking, passion, and creativity. We wanted to flip the narrative and illuminate the much-discussed topics of global health in a whole new light. This event gave us an opportunity to come together as a community and discuss these topics to broaden our knowledge and understanding of them, and most importantly, to ensure that the communities we are fighting for, the farthest left behind, are brought to the forefront of these talks. 

The event consisted of a variety of short talks on a range of topics related to global health under the broad theme of Humanity and Health. As well as these talks, there was a storytelling skills workshop followed by an open-mic session. Not forgetting our Global Health Village; set up like a village, with individual stalls representing NGO’s, higher education institutions, and various other organisations, it is a vibrant place for knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas. Additionally, the talk provided wonderful opportunities for networking. 

Don’t worry if you missed out on the opportunity to broaden the way you think about global health! We will be sharing a link to the live broadcast soon!



Click here to download full agenda




The Talks 

The talks followed a TED talk format, where the topics discussed challenged your thinking and delivered thought-provoking questions on topics surrounding the broad theme of Humanity and Health. Fundamental to each of these talks was their ability to inspire creativity, enhance innovation, and promote activism on each of the topic areas.  Although these talks are short, at just 13 minutes long, the knowledge possessed by the speakers on their topics and the passion they have for them will leave you with a whole new way of thinking about and approaching these topics. 

We received a huge number of high quality, impressive submissions across a range of intriguing topics from across Asia, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. After a round of thorough assessment, we are pleased to introduce you to our amazing IGHNx speakers: 

For more information on full speaker lineup- Click Here!



Dil Wickremasinghe, Co-founder, Insight Matters

Dil is an IACP pre-accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor specialising in LGBTQI+ and non-traditional relationships. With a background in media, mental health, and diversity training, she co-founded Insight Matters in 2011 to provide inclusive mental health support. Dil has received recognition for her activism and contributions to Dublin civic life, including the Frederick Douglas Award and the Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Award in 2014 and 2015, respectively.



Nadine Ferris France, Executive Director, IGHN

Nadine Ferris France is the Executive Director of the Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Ireland, with over 20 years of experience in gender, HIV, and global health. She has worked with civil society networks, the World Health Organization, and academic institutions, and is currently involved in addressing self-stigma among people living with HIV and survivors of gender-based violence. She holds an MSc in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin.



Sarah Tanishka Nethan, Professional Intern, IGHN

Sarah Tanishka Nethan is a global health Design Researcher and Strategist with 5+ years of experience in innovation, social research, and behavioural science. She has a diverse portfolio spanning various health and social issues and has worked with organisations like the World Health Organisation, Irish Aid, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She holds an MSc in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin and is dedicated to achieving global health equity.





Dr Brendan O’Shea,  MD FRCGP

Talk Title: End of Life Planning – What, Why, and Who?

Dr. Brendan O’Shea is a GP in Kildare, an Assistant Adjunct Professor in public health and primary care. Dr O’Shea holds academic interests in improving care for people with multi-morbidity and obesity, additionally, he has interests in global health and end-of-life planning. He completed his GP training at TCD and earned an MD in Childhood Obesity from Trinity College. He has served on the Board of Directors at The Irish Hospice Foundation, is a member of IDsMAiD (Irish Doctors Supporting Medical Assistance in Dying), and is on the Council at The ICGP, having previously held the position of Medical Director there.



Edwin Osundwa, Country Director, CBM Global

Talk Title: Foundations to Disability Inclusion in Health Care

Edwin Osundwa has more than 15 years of experience in leading, managing, and implementing development projects focused on inclusion and human rights. He holds a bachelor’s degree in special education, a diploma in NGO management, and a master’s degree in development studies. Edwin currently serves as the Country Director of CBM Global, an international NGO specialising in disability inclusion, mental health, eye health, humanitarian response, and climate change adaptations, with a strong commitment to working with marginalised communities for positive change.



Elizabeth Zion, Inspirational Speaker and Writer 

Talk Title: The Humanity of the Homeless

As a speaker and writer, she has inspired millions with her story of resilience and determination despite a challenging upbringing in direct provision and experiencing homelessness. Her TED talk on family reunification gained significant recognition, and she has worked with organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières, Unicef, and the Legal Aid Board to address global inequalities and social injustice. Currently, she is completing her studies in Politics, International Relations, and Social Justice at UCD.



Eric O’Flynn, Programme Director for Education, Training and Advocacy in the Royal College of Surgeons

Talk Title: Building a Stage for Others

Eric focuses on improving access to high-quality surgical care for underserved populations. With a background in international development and education project management, he has been involved in developing training programs in surgical, anaesthetic, obstetric, and peri-operative nursing in low-resource settings since 2011. He has worked on partnerships and programs with College of Surgeons in Africa, the World Health Organisation, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.


Fionnuala Murphy, Head of Global Advocacy at Frontline AIDS

Talk Title: The Rise of the Anti-Rights Movement and its Impact on Global Health and Humanity

Fionnuala is the Head of Global Advocacy at Frontline AIDS, a global partnership working towards ending AIDS. With 18 years of experience in campaigning and advocacy, she has played a key role in securing major achievements in HIV financing, access to medicines, and other areas. Her background includes a law degree with French and postgraduate qualifications in Community Development and Literary Journalism, and she draws inspiration from her personal experiences in Northern Ireland, which inform her approach to advocacy.



Niamh Caffrey, Health Project Officer, Misean Cara

Talk Title: The Missing Link to Curbing Acute Malnutrition 

Niamh Caffrey holds a Science Degree in International Development and Food Policy from UCC. She spent 5 years in Kolkata, India, working with the Hope Foundation on providing care, healthcare, education, and protection to vulnerable children and communities. Following this, Niamh then traveled through Asia for a year, returned to Dublin to work with Viatores Christi, pursued a Master’s Degree in Nutrition for Global Health in London, and currently serves as the Health Project Officer at Misean Cara, where she supports health and nutrition projects across the Global South.



Eunice Tolu Philip, PhD Scholar, and Global Health Researcher

Talk Title: Humanity and Health

Eunice is a Global Health PhD scholar at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, focusing on community-based research and addressing household air pollution in rural Malawi. She has a background as a nurse and holds an MPH from the University College of Cork. Eunice is passionate about reducing health inequalities, climate change, and mental health awareness among first responders. She is actively involved in various roles, including volunteering with the Irish Global Health Network and serving as a student representative on the RCSI Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion unit.



Qusai Khraisha, PhD Researcher

Talk Title: The Bonds That Keep Us Going

Qusai Khraisha is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, focusing on ‘refugee parenting’ and advocating for system-level thinking in this field. With a background that includes a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in War and Psychiatry, he has practical experience working for organisations like WarChild and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). His combination of academic knowledge and practical experience equips him to bridge the gap between research findings and their application in policy and practice.



Rachel Dempsey, Global Citizenship/Sustainability Educator

Talk Title: The Climate as a Mirror

Rachel is dedicated to fostering change at a paradigm level and incorporates her expertise in transformative education, nature connection, group singing, holistic well-being, and systems thinking in her work. She holds degrees in Latin American Studies and Ethnomusicology, and she is currently pursuing an MA in Climate, Justice, and Sustainability. Her work has gained recognition, including features on RTE and SEAI’s 180 Degree podcast as one of Ireland’s climate visionaries.



Rosemary Daynes Kearney,  PhD Researcher

Talk Title: Caring for Carers – Making Care Visible

Rosemary is a wife, mother to three beautiful boys and a family carer. Her PhD research through the University of Limerick and funded by the Irish Research Council explores online support groups for family carers and how these can be developed to best support family carers. She is passionate about speaking up for care. I work to raise awareness, build supportive relationships and promote positive work environments for family carers through her business the Care Advocate.



Susi Geiger, Professor of Market Studies at UCD

Talk Title: Averting Another Catastrophic Failure of Global Health Equity: Why Now is the Time

Susi is a recipient of a European Research Council Grant focused on healthcare market innovation and social justice. She actively participates in health equity advocacy through her involvement with Access to Medicines Ireland and serves on the WHO Technical Advisory Group on pharmaceutical pricing policies. Professor Geiger has published extensively, including works like “Healthcare Activism: Markets, Morals, and the Collective Good” and an upcoming monograph titled “Peak Pharma.”



Thandolwenkosi Sibindi, Gender and Communications Advisor

Talk Title: Tackling Gender Based Violence Is Everyone’s Responsibility 

Thandolwenkosi is a dedicated professional with 15 years of experience in the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) sector, focusing on feminism, gender equality, social inclusion, safeguarding, and protection. As Gender and Communications Advisor at GOAL in Zimbabwe, Thandolwenkosi works with vulnerable communities. Her work centers on social behaviour change and gender transformative approaches targeting women, men, youth, and people with disabilities, aiming to combat gender inequality and challenge harmful attitudes and social norms contributing to gender-based violence.



Rebecca Tallon de Havilland, Author, Campaigner, and Activist on Trans Rights and HIV

Talk Title: It’s Not a Phase

Rebecca Tallon de Havilland is an author, campaigner and activist on trans rights and HIV. She is currently lead coordinator at HIV Ireland for the Trans HIV Testing pilot project. Rebecca has roles with the HSE, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and the London-based 56 Dean Street clinic as a peer support worker and HIV awareness campaigner. She is the founder and coordinator of Project Bootcamp.


Ifrah Ahmed, Founder of Ifrah Foundation

Talk Title: Personal Testimony of Human Rights and FGM/C 

Ifrah Ahmed is an Irish-Somali survivor of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C), who has spent over a decade bringing to light the implications of FGM/C, sharing her personal testimony and by bearing witness, becoming an inspirational channel for change.  She has worked tirelessly within Ireland, the EU, internationally and in Somalia to bring about legislative reform, political and social awareness, and social acceptance of change.


Blezzing Dada,  Mental Health Activist  

Talk Title: Mental Health and Intersectionality 

Blezzing Dada, a 21-year-old Black-Irish student, is a staunch advocate for mental health awareness and social justice. Despite facing homelessness, illness, and discrimination, she passionately promotes intersectional mental health discussions, challenging biases and striving to provide representation for ethnic minorities.




Farah Elle, Singer-Songwriter

Farah Elle’s music has been a refuge throughout her life, helping her navigate her family’s history in Libya and the challenges of being a young woman in modern society. Her debut album, FATIMA, reflects her personal journey, with the opening track, ‘Silk,’ written at just 19, two years after the Libyan Revolution. Beyond her music career, Farah has performed at prestigious venues and festivals in Ireland, collaborated with Liam Ó Maonlaí, hosted a podcast called “TradLines,” and is involved in humanitarian aid work and music wellness workshops to celebrate individual uniqueness and use music as a healing tool.


Eimear Crehan, Singer-Songwriter

Eimear, a singer-songwriter from County Kildare, Ireland, has a rich history of stage performance, including fronting the award-winning funk band Fox.E and the Good Hands for 9 years. Her debut album, “Scars,” was released in November 2018, followed by her new album, “Quiver,” in November. Eimear has toured extensively, with sold-out shows and supporting acts like Mary Coughlan and Jack L. She is also known as a respected vocal and creativity coach.



Seán CollinsSean Collins, Singer-Songwriter

SeánCollins is from Donabate in North County Dublin. Growing up surrounded by Irish traditional music,Seánblends traditional Irish elements with modern acoustic folk to fuse his own unique style, inspired by artists of the past and of the present. Currently studying in BIMM Dublin,Seánis furthering his understanding of the music industry and crafting his image and musical identity.  



Kestine, Rapper

Cork rapper Kestine’s early fascination with 90s music, hip-hop, reggae, and Michael Jackson led him to start rapping as a way to express his frustrations, despite teasing in primary school. His EP ‘Reflection,’ released in April 2021, received acclaim from various publications, and the music video for the track “U.N.I.T.Y” won Best Hip-Hop Music Video at the Rome Music Video Awards 2022. Kestine has performed at major Irish festivals and is gearing up for more performances in 2023, along with the release of his third EP.



Sean Farrelly, Poet

Seán Farrelly is a writer based in Dublin. He is the Development Manager and a special projects coordinator at the creative writing charity Fighting Words. He also teaches all things word-related at DCU and is a dramaturg and sometimes writer for Freshly Ground Theatre Company. His dream is to publish as many books about boys holding hands as possible and he has a very curly dog named Penny. He’s represented by Rachel Petty at The Blair Partnership literary agency.  



Ellen Corby, Comedian 

Ellen is a Dublin-based sexual health and global citizenship educator who promotes open, shame-free attitudes to health and wellbeing for people of all ages. She’s also an actor and stand-up comedian, performing in various Dublin venues and having supported comedians like Beck Hill during her time as Chairperson of DU Comedy Society in Trinity College Dublin. Ellen believes in using the arts as an educational tool to tackle complex topics with humour and openness, particularly in areas like sexual and reproductive health.



Storytelling Workshop

Under the overarching theme of  ‘Humanity and Health’, IGHNx will host a hands-on storytelling workshop facilitated by Julien Clancy. The workshop will introduce attendees to the basics of storytelling, offer useful tools for drafting impactful stories, along with an open mic session where participants can put their learnings into practice. More information coming soon!


Julien Clancy

Julien Clancy is an accomplished radio and documentary maker with over 20 years of experience in storytelling for national broadcasts. He is the founder of The Dublin Story Slam, a platform where ordinary Dubliners share true personal stories based on different themes. Julien has curated workshops that empower individuals to become storytellers, and he has also worked with organisations like Deloitte, Google, and Dublin City Council to enhance their communication and connection through storytelling.


Global Health Village

The Global Health Village is a unique space within IGHNx that provided an opportunity to have Irish NGOs, Higher Education Institutions and other global health organisations gathered under one roof.  Set up like a village, with individual stalls representing various organisations; it is a vibrant place for knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas. It also provides opportunities for networking, in the hope that this may garner future collaborations between organisations and attendees. 




Event Partners

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