Irish Global Health Network Conference 2022 – Humanity and Health: Global Imbalance and Social Inclusion

June 15, 2022

Irish Global Health Network Conference – Global Imbalance and Social Inclusion

Co-hosted with the HSE Global Health Programme

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26th – 27th October 2022


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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on health systems and economies across the world, reinforcing pre-existing inequities and systematic weaknesses, from marginalisation of the world’s most vulnerable, to failures in supply chains and national surveillance systems. Public health measures implemented in response to the pandemic varied widely across the global north and the global south, laying bare the worldwide imbalance in the distribution of health, social and economic risks. Global health has never been more relevant in people’s lives. As we enter a break in history, the opportunity is upon us to address the vulnerabilities of a system that failed to serve us all equally. To safeguard all populations and maintain global health security in the long term, we must do better.  


In this context, the Global Health Conference 2022 – two-day conference will be convened under the theme Global Imbalance and Social Inclusion. 

About the conference 

The IGHN conference provides an ideal opportunity to engage NGOs, academics and other stakeholders in reflecting on the emergency response measures undertaken and profiling actions to strengthen health systems, and community-based activities for health.  Our theme of Global Imbalance and Social Inclusion is relevant to all stakeholders. 

This year HSE Global Health programme will be the co-host.  

Conference Streams 

Across all areas of global health, we particularly seek to emphasise the following cross-cutting issues: 

  • Health Systems Resilience
  • Challenging Stigma, Changing Thinking 
  • Gender & Intersectionality
  • Power Inequality in Global Health
  • Local and Global
  • Health Care Leadership and Representation
  • Human Resources for Health (and Well-being)
  • Community Response
  • Social Inclusion and Marginalisation
  • Youth and Adolescent Involvement in the Global Health Agenda
  • Global Mental Health
  • Implications of Ukrainian Conflict for Health and Health Services in Ireland
  • Climate Justice

Click here for descriptions of these cross-cutting issues


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