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National SOT Co-ordinator


Rosie James

Rosie James, originally from Vancouver, Canada is a board member of the Irish Global Health Network (IGHN). She is currently pursuing her MSc Global Health with Maastricht University in India and the Netherlands. She is entering her final year of Medicine at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway. She has completed six public health-related research internships in various countries. Rosie is passionate about improving global health through health systems strengthening in the areas of migration, sexual & reproductive health, infectious disease, and planetary health. In her spare time, she volunteers for Evidence Aid and the Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH). She is a keen member of Irish Doctors for the Environment and Access to Medicines Ireland.

Contact her at : rosie@globalhealth.ie

Student Representatives: 2020/21

Technological University Dublin

John Rowe - TU Dublin

John is a third-year Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences student at TU Dublin. After carrying out a case study on water quality his findings helped develop his interest in global health. His main interests lie in water-related diseases and the impact they have on our communities and also in NCD’s, especially the way in which they are more prevalent in socioeconomically disadvantaged countries. As a member of the Student Outreach Team he hopes to create further awareness of global health issues to his fellow peers and the general public. 

Contact him at: johnalphonsusrowe@gmail.com

University College Dublin

Conor O'Brien - UCD

Conor is a final year medical student in UCD with a special interest in humanitarian aid. He has spent the past two summers working in a medical clinic for the refugee population in Samos, Greece. He hopes to develop a better understanding of global health alongside his clinical studies, and to continue working with vulnerable populations after qualifying.

Contact him at: conor.o-brien@ucdconnect.ie

Trinity College Dublin

Aidan Desjardins - Trinity College Dublin

Aidan is a second-year microbiology student at Trinity College Dublin. He first became interested in global health after participating in a research project investigating antimicrobial resistance. He hopes to engage his peers and members of the general public to advocate for greater awareness of global health issues. His primary interests are advocacy for planetary health policies, expansion of healthcare access, and the eradication of neglected tropical diseases.

Contact him at: desjarda@tcd.ie 

Trinity College Dublin

Rachel Coomey - Trinity College Dublin

Rachel is a third year medical student at Trinity College Dublin. She is​ the National Officer for Medical Education for the Association of Medical Students Ireland (AMSI). Rachel has become interested in global health through lectures in medical school, and hopes to play a role in global health through the Irish Global Health Network, and empower other students to do the same through the Student Outreach Team. She is keen to engage with other healthcare students and professionals to share ideas and spread awareness of global health issues.

Contact her at: coomeyr@tcd.ie


Evani Patel – RCSI

Evani Patel is a first year Canadian medical student at RCSI’s Graduate Entry Program. Before moving to Dublin, she completed an Honours Bachelors’ of Science in Global Health at the University of Toronto. Her interest in Global Health grew as a result of her involvement with the NGO, Partners In Health.

During her time in Toronto, she was involved with research on refugee and migrant health, which soon led her to a trip to Greece where she was able to learn about solidaric health systems and the importance of equity in community partnerships.

As a future physician, Evani hopes to reinforce principles of Global Health at all levels of patient care, and work within the field of social medicine across the globe.

Contact her at: evanipatel@rcsi.ie

Queen University Belfast

Ciarán Mooney - Queen University Belfast

Ciarán is a fourth-year medical student at Queen’s University in Belfast. He completed his Masters in Global Health at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, during which he spent time in Bangkok studying migrant health and the political economy of global health. Ciarán has diverse clinical and academic interests in surgery, oncology, infectious diseases and social medicine. He is a research intern at the Institute of Global Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and was President of the Queen’s University Psychiatry Society, having also carried out research into the mental healthcare system in India. As student representative at the only medical school in Northern Ireland, Ciarán is passionate about contributing to a cross-border effort to encourage medical students and clinicians to consider how they can use their skills to tackle social injustice and global health issues.

Contact him at: cmooney25@qub.ac.uk

National University of Ireland, Galway

Audrey Bicknell - National University of Ireland, Galway

Audrey Bicknell is a Canadian medical student in her 3rd year at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her interest in global health stemmed from volunteering in rural hospitals in Uganda and Tanzania. Audrey has a particular interest in women’s health and equal access to health services, she gained invaluable experience on her maternity placement in Kagando, Uganda. Audrey worked for Reproductive Health Uganda at their clinics assisting with sexual and reproductive health services. She is excited to be a part of Irish Global Health Network and hopes to continue learning about international health equity.

Contact her at: a.bicknell1@nuigalway.ie

University College Cork

Ruth Yan - University College Cork

Ruth is a Canadian medical student in her second year of Graduate Entry Medicine at UCC. She previously studied at Northwestern University (Masters of Global Health). Her interest in global health stems from her experiences travelling in South East Asia and South America, volunteering with rural clinics and hospitals. Ruth is specifically interested in aspects of health prevention, promotion and access, as well as ethics in medical volunteering.

University College Cork

Nicole Connors - UCC

Nicole is a Canadian medical student in her third year of the Graduate Entry Program at UCC. She completed a Master of Science in Global Health at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Her interest in global health was further enhanced during experiences volunteering at a rural medical clinic in Belize, assisting with caesarean sections at a maternity hospital in Uganda, and conducting research on the health care system at Manipal University in India. Nicole helped edit and publish the Global Health: Annual Review journal. She hopes to meaningfully contribute to overcoming rural health barriers and inspire other health care professionals to join this initiative.

Contact her at: nkconners@gmail.com

Queens University Belfast

Allister McCord – Queens University Belfast

Allister is currently intercalating in MSc Global Health at Maastricht University. In September, Allister will enter his fourth year of Dentistry at Queens University Belfast. Allister has a wide variety of interests in global health which have stemmed primarily from always taking an interest in the wider social determinants of health and how to manage the health of populations.

These interests encouraged Allister to pursue a masters in Global Health, which has allowed him to strengthen his knowledge about some of the key aspects of global health. Some of the areas which Allister is passionate about are policy making, advocating for a more prevention driven focus throughout all of healthcare and society, as well as greater collaboration between all areas of healthcare to reduce health inequities.

Contact him at: allistermccord@gmail.com

SOT Partners

If you have ideas for the group or would like to apply to serve as the representative for a university not listed, please email: info@globalhealth.ie.




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