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IFGH 2012: Supporting & Strengthening MNCH Services Using Mobile Phones: a Research Protocol

Posted by Irish Forum for Global Health | Conference Abstracts Authors:Vallières F.1, McAuliffe E.2, Conteh M.3, Walker P.4 Author Affiliations:INDIGO1, Centre for Global Health TCD1, 2, World Vision Ireland3, World Vision UK4 Option 2– Lessons from the field; project and programme evaluations;...

IFGH 2012: Towards the Improvement of the Loss of Pharmacy Technicians from the Public Health System in Thailand

by globalhealth on Jan 30, 2012 in Conference Abstracts
The study aimed at exploring the background of the advanced vocational curriculum management for pharmacy technicians (PTs) among nine institutions under the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)supervision. In addition, this study also focused on situations of loss and gain in public hospitals and measured the level of...

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