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Ending on a high note with Professor McAuliffe

IFGH Conference 2014 John Kevany Memorial Lecture and Closing Keynote Key Correspondent: Ana Belen Espinosa There were many things which I enjoyed about Professor Eilish McAuliffe’s closing keynote given at the IFGH Conference in Dublin. She talked about her experiences working with partnerships and the importance of...

Why the future of global health lies in health partnerships

By Sanskriti Sasikumar, Key Correspondent for the Irish Forum for Global Health IFGH Conference 2014 Opinion Editorial Global health has witnessed an increasing popularity in recent years. Although we seem to have a better understanding of its weaknesses, we have yet to implement structural solutions for its structural...

IFGH 2012: Leadership and Organisational Justice: Propositions for Strengthening Human Resources for Health in Sub-Sahara Africa

by globalhealth on Jan 30, 2012 in Conference Abstracts
Using Uganda as a case study of Sub-Sahara Africa the purpose of this study will be to investigate the comparative and aggregate effect of transactional, transformational and servant leadership on organisational justice perceptions, public service motivation, turnover intention, and OCB; finally the study will assess the...

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