IFGH 2012: Leadership and Organisational Justice: Propositions for Strengthening Human Resources for Health in Sub-Sahara Africa

January 30, 2012


Authors:Nantamu S.

Author Affiliations:Trinity College Dublin, Makerere University

Option 1– Scientific / Empirical Research Findings Presented as – Poster


Using Uganda as a case study of Sub-Sahara Africa the purpose of this study will be to investigate the comparative and aggregate effect of transactional, transformational and servant leadership on organisational justice perceptions, public service motivation, turnover intention, and OCB; finally the study will assess the appropriateness of these models of leadership in the context of Public, Faith-Based, and Private-For-Profit health sectors.


A cross-sectional survey design will be used for collect data from a sample of 720 nurses and doctors selected from Public, Faith-Based and Private-For-Profit sector hospitals using disproportionate stratified sampling. Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficients will be generated to analyze how each variable is associated with all the other variables. Linear regression will be performed with transformational leadership, transactional leadership, and servant leadership as predictors of organisational justice, public service motivation, turnover intention and OCB. Finally the t-test for independent samples will be used to examine variation along the various constructs of the study across Public, Faith-Based, and Private-For-Profit health sectors.

Results & Discussion/conclusions/ implications:

  • The study will contribute to the verification of construct validity in Sub-Sahara Africa of measures of transactional, transformational, and servant leadership developed in the West.
  • Methodologically, the study will test the synergistic potential of the three models which has hardly been tested.
  • The study will provide an opportunity to develop a research protocol for replication studies in the health sectors of other SSA countries.
  • The study will contribute to an examination of what could be the most appropriate theory of leadership from an African perspective within and across Public, Faith-Based, and Private-For-Profit health sectors.
  • Insight into organisational justice impact as a moderator variable of leadership on HRs in the health sectors of resource constrained economies will be generated.


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