LMICs: Resources for COVID-19

March 24, 2020

The following page lists a number of useful online resources. It is intended as a resource for health workers working in low to middle income countries.

Statelessness, health, and COVID-19 in Europe

European Network on Statelessness has been working with researchers from the Public Health Institute at Liverpool John Moores University and members across Europe to better understand how statelessness intersects with health rights at this crucial time for global public health.

View the full report here. 

Evidence Aid Research Summaries for COVID-19

Date: Friday May 22 – 2020

Date: Wednesday, May 20 – 2020

Date: Friday, May 15 – 2020

Date: Wednesday, May 13 – 2020

Date: Friday, May 8 – 2020

Date: Wednesday, April 29 – 2020

Date: Friday, April 24 – 2020

Date: Monday, April 20 – 2020

Date: Wednesday, April 16 – 2020

Guidelines on Dead Body Management

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has produced a guideline on dead body management in hospital settings. This includes; standard precautions, training in infection and prevention control, proper removal of the body from isolation room or area, environmental cleaning and disinfectant, handing of a dead body in a mortuary, embalming, autopsies etc. 

To find the full guideline, click here:

COVID19 Guidelines on Dead Body Management





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