It’s time to talk about neglected tropical diseases.

September 23, 2019

The World Health Organisation has

The European Pubic Health Alliance (EPHA) has just released a position paper: “Post 2015: The role of Global Health Research and Development (R&D) in the new development framework”.

The World Health Organisation has

Supported by 23 Global Health NGOs from both sides of the Atlantic, the paper seeks to ensure guaranteed investments in research and development for poverty-related and neglected diseases (PRNDs).

Nearly four million deaths occur in low- and middle- income countries each year due to AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. At the same time, 31 other neglected or poverty-related diseases account for some 13.7 million deaths in the same period. Investing in fighting these diseases will not only help communities, but also strengthen health systems and improve economic growth.

“For these reasons, we call on governments, civil society and other stakeholders involved in the development of the post-2015 framework to ensure that the health goal encompasses R&D-specific targets related to the development of new, safe, effective, affordable and accessible health technologies to fight PRNDs.”

Despite the difficulties of securing a legally binding Global Health R&D Convention – with clear funding targets – from WHO member states, the EPHA believes the post-2015 framework represents an opportunity for such a pressing global health concern to be addressed.

And they are not alone. The importance for such an investment in PRNDs was highlighted during a high-level panel discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels back in October. Organised by PATH and Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW), an event which highlighted how public-private partnerships can increase opportunity and innovation in global health research and development. More of which can be read abouthere.



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