IFGH Presenter: Dr. Tom O’Callaghan

February 26, 2012

Dr. Tom O’Callaghan is CEO and Founder of Iheed Institute. Tom is a practicing medical doctor with over 20 years’ experience in Family and Community Health. He has been on the Frontline of developments in Primary Community Care, Health Systems Strengthening, Health Promotion and task shifting to Primary Care in Ireland. He was Founder of Living Health Clinic, Ireland’s first and largest independent Not for Profit Primary Health Care Centre.

Tom is a graduate of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (1991). He holds a Membership of Royal College of General Practitioners and Irish College of General Practitioners; he also holds diplomas in Child Health Care and Obstetrics and further training in High Altitude and Expedition Medicine and Health Care in remote settings.

Click on the links below to download his IFGH presentation.




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