IFGH 2012: The Institute of ENT and Audiology in Zambia

January 27, 2012

Authors:Kirby A., O’Connor A., O’Driscoll K.

Author Affiliations: Midland Regional ENT Department Tullamore Co. Offaly ENT for Zambia Trust Fund LTD Arden Road Tullamore Co. Offaly

Option 2– Lessons from the field; project and programme evaluations; and syntheses or analyses

Presented as – Oral Presentation


This article demonstrates the culmination of partnerships both nationally and internationally which led to the development of an institute of Ear , Nose an Throat Surgery as a result of a specific need identified in Zambian society in 2003. The paper serves to illustrate how in a poverty stricken sub – Saharan African country such as Zambia how significant and sustainable changes can be brought about for ENT Health care for the region.


The components of the Institute of ENT and Audiology at the Beit CURE hospital in Lusaka have been published before and its operation within the last six months is presented in terms of outpatient activity and surgical work. The relationship with the regional surgical training body COSECSA is stressed and the development of a specific ENT faculty outlined.


The surgical unit in Lusaka sees in excess of 1500 patients and performs in excess of 400 operations in six months and has the facility to fit hearing aids to thousands. A Fellowship syllabus for training ENT has been accepted by COSECSA and the first intake of trainees is expected in 2012. The success of the unit is a result of collaboration nationally involving ENT Zambia LTD., Irish Aid and GORTA, and internationally with Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Beit Trust, CURE International, and COSECSA/RCSI.



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