IFGH 2012: Conference Presentations, Day 1

February 17, 2012

Irish Forum for Global Health Conference

‘The Global Health Workforce: Pathways to Health’ Why are health workers important?

2nd3rd February 2012 Programme



8:30-9:00am – Global Health Village (Exam Hall)

Tea & Coffee

9:15-10:00amO’Flanagan Theatre

Welcome and opening remarks – Professor Cathal Kelly (CEO, RCSI)

Chair: Dr. David Weakliam (Chair, IFGH)

Minister Joe Costello (Minister of State for Trade and Development)

Mr. Cathal Magee (CEO, Health Service Executive (HSE))

Dr. Mubashar Sheikh (Executive Director, Global Health Workforce Alliance)

Professor Eilis McGovern (President, RCSI)

10:15-11:00amO’Flanagan Theatre

Responding to Current Challenges in the Human Resources for Health Crisis

Chair:  Dr. Mphu Ramatlapeng (Minister of Health,  Lesotho)

                               Ms Dorothy Ngoma (Executive Director of the National Organization of Nurses and

                               Midwives of Malawi and Oxfam Ambassador)

                               Dr Tom O’ Callaghan (CEO of the iheed Institute)


11:00-11:30 – Global Health Village (Exam Hall)

                                Tea & Coffee Break

11:30-13:00pm – Parallel Sessions (Tutorial Rooms 1, 2&3, 4)

Parallel Session 1: North South Partnerships – Education, Training & Capacity Building

Chair: David Weakliam

David Weakliam – Introduction to theme and link with DCU symposium

Michael EarleyThe burden of facial clefting and how its global impact can be addressed


Kieran O’DriscollThe Institute of ENT and Audiology in Zambia (p.24)

Tony Ryan – 10 steps to an International Partnership

Farid LamaraESTHER Alliance

Panel Discussion

Parallel Session 2: Community-Based Responses

Chair: Jim Clarken

Enida Friel – Introduction to theme and link with DCU symposium

Gwyneth Cotes – Effectiveness and sustainability of an integrated Care Group model in

                                delivering community health services (p.41)

Khalifa Elmusharaf – Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation Research (PEER) empowers

marginalized women to engage in Community Directed Reproductive Health Interventions


Adrianna Murphy – Using Community Health Workers to Manage Hypertension in Urban India:

A Cost effectiveness Analysis (p.57)

Enida FrielPublic Health Advocacy in Low Income Settings: Views and Experiences on

Effective Strategies and Evaluation of Health Advocates in Malawi (p. 46)

Panel Discussion

Parallel Session 3: Health Worker Motivation & Retention & Task Shifting

Chair: Anne Mathews

Anne Mathews – Introduction to theme and link with DCU symposium

Jennifer Weiss –A model for motivation of Community Health Workers (p. 89)

Helen PrytherchInfluences on the motivation, performance and job satisfaction of primary

                                health care providers in rural Tanzania (p. 85)

Posy BidwellThe Implementation Challenges of Improving Motivation through better

                                financial incentives in South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania (p. 63)

Tavares Madede – Motivating and Retaining Mid-level Cadres in Obstetric Services (p.86)

Breda GahanPLHIV as Peer Counsellors in first level Health Care Facilities in Haiti (p. 71)

Ian Hodgson  – Networks of People living with HIV: strengthening community responses to HIV

in Uganda (p. 72)

Panel Discussion

13:00 – 13:45pm – Global Health Village (Exam Hall)


13:45-14:15pm – Oral Poster Sessions (Exam Hall)

Chair: Aisling Walsh, Co-Chair: Nuha Ibrahim

Community-Based Responses:

Khalifa Elmusharaf – Innovative Participatory Health Education ‘IPHE’: an approach to capacity

strengthening for researches and policy makers (p. 43)

John Kadzandira – “Create CBOs or no funding for HIV work” The case of external funding on

community HIV response in Malawi (p. 49)

Rose Luz – Community-driven Scale-Up of Community Case Management (p.56)

Ethical Health Worker Recruitment & Migration:

Posy Bidwell – The dynamics of temporary doctor migration: The experience of South African

doctors working in Ireland (p. 92)

14:30-15:50pm – Parallel Sessions (Tutorial Rooms 1, 2&3, 4)

Parallel Session 1: North-South Partnerships – Education, Training & Capacity Building (focus on


Chair: Noel Murphy, Co-Chair: Danny Edwards

Lesley Anne Long – Turning the HEAT up for community health workers (p. 25)

Elsheikh BadrSudan academy of health sciences – an innovative response to health

                                workforce crisis (p. 19)

Aisling Lavelle – The impact of geographical and cultural translocation on students in a

western medical school (p. 25)

Everd Maniple Bikaitwoha – PhD programme for Health Systems Research Capacity

Strengthening in Africa (p. 18)

Fiona MacLeod – Moving Mountains to Develop Public Health Knowledge and Skills in Uganda

and Ireland (p. 27)

Abobakr Shadad – An initiative for training collaboration between An Irish and Sudanese

multidisciplinary diabetes centre (p. 30)

Ogenna Uduma – The international doctorate in global health: building capacity for health

system research (p. 32)

Panel Discussion

Parallel Session 2: Community-Based Responses (focus on strengthening community health systems)

Chair: Louis Da Gama, Co-Chair: Nadine Ferris France

                                Aisling Walsh – Sustainability of community based organisations for HIV/AIDS care and

                                support services in Zambia (p. 59)

Brain van Wyk – Health systems barriers to adherence to antiretroviral treatment programme

in rural South Africa (p. 60)

Carlos BruenIncreasing Country & Community Involvement in Global Health Policy

                                Processes? The Case of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (p. 39)

                                Breda Gahan – People living with HIV in Orissa State, India supporting others living with HIV

                                (p. 40)

Duaa Abu-Sin – University Community Partnership Project: Community Selection Criteria and

                                Readiness Assessment (p.42)

Parallel Session 3: Health Worker Motivation & Retention & Task Shifting (focus on mid-level providers)

Chair: Eilsih McAuliffe

Mohsin SidatWho is doing what? Performance of the emergency obstetric signal functions by

                                non-physician clinicians and nurse-midwives in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania (p. 88)

Susan Bradley – An in-depth exploration of health worker supervision in Malawi and Tanzania

                                (p. 67)

Henry Mollel – Expected to deliver: Alignment of regulation, training, and actual performance

of emergency obstetric care providers in Malawi and Tanzania (p. 75)

Juzer LotyaAddressing Malawi’s human resources capacity to address obstetrics and

                                neonatal care (p. 76)

Panel Discussion

15:50-16:15pm – Global Health Village (Exam Hall)

Tea & Coffee Break

16:15-16:50pm – Film Viewing: O’Flanagan Theatre

Chair: David Weakliam

His Excellency A.J.D. Ndou – Introduction

                             “The Motherland Tour – A Journey of African Women with Yvonne Chaka Chaka” – The film

                              highlights the progress and challenges in the fight against global diseases and features

                              inspiring stories from women across Africa.

17:00 – 20:00pmO’Flanagan Theatre

                             Lecture and Evening Reception

                            Strengthening the Health Workforce to Respond to HIV and Other Major Diseases

                            Chair: Irish Aid

                            Annual Irish Aid Professor Father Michael Kelly Lecture

                            Dr. Mphu Ramatlapeng, Minister of Health, Lesotho

                            Professor Father Michael Kelly, Zambia

                            Yvonne Chaka Chaka, South African Singer, UNICEF and Roll Back Malaria Ambassador and UN

                            Envoy for Africa


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