IFGH 2010: Tension Between International Donors/NGOs And CBOs

November 30, 2010

Since the discovery of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania in 1983, the country developed policies, strategies, and programmes to address HIV/AIDS infection and impact. Different individuals, established local non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, and faith-based organizations and other groups to support the government in addressing the impact of AIDS countrywide.

International donors and non-governmental organizations chipped in to support the efforts of the country on addressing the issue. They mainly support in capacitating the NGOs, FBOs, and CBOs (CSOs) financially and in knowledge and skills, enabling them to deliver quality service to people infected with HIV and those affected by AIDS (orphans, elderly people, widows).

The experiences show that tension is now emerging between International donors and NGOs and local CSOs on resource competition and project sustainability.International NGOs registered in the country, have now diverted from their original role of capacitating CSOs and instead they areimplementing programs at the community level.As a consequence, the sustainability of such projects is mitigated.

This trend creates financial inequality and inability for local CSOs (trusted by the community members) to deliver quality services. Some of the CSOs are now obliged to implement programmes of the International NGOs contrary to their own establishment aims.






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