IFGH 2010: Population Growth and Waste Management in an African City

November 30, 2010

Population growth has brought to the forefront of multidisciplinary discourse, its effects on health, social, cultural, economic, political and human development in various ways. This paper examined the influence of population growth on waste generation in an African city (Lagos metropolis) of Nigeria. Available data however reveals that Nigeria’s urban population has been growing at an alarming rate, as the problem of waste collection, disposal and transportation in Nigeria is among the main cause of unsightly heaps of garbage all around the state resulting in the emergence of diseases, dumps ranging in size from small medium and in some areas, mountain of rubbish in usually unauthorized sites.

The study utilized primary and secondary data. Questionnaires were administered and subsequently an in-depth interview (IDI). A total of 290 respondents were drawn from households, industries and educational institutions. The survey data generated in the study was analysed in form of simple percentages, while the (IDI) of 10 waste experts was analysed according to the relevant ideas and concepts.

The paper shows that population growth significantly influences waste management in Lagos metropolis. As the population increased, the volume of waste generated also increased in each L.G.A of Lagos state. Majority of the respondents (87.8%) agree that population growth has an effect on waste management in Lagos metropolis.

The paper indicates that adequate intervention should be on educating the growing population of Lagos metropolis on the best waste management practices. It highlights the need for a more efficient and effective public-private partnership collaboration.





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