IFGH 2010: Factors Affecting Orphans And Vulnerable Children (Ovc) Dropping Out From Schools: Case Study Of Mulenga Compound, Kitwe – Zambia

November 30, 2010

ISSUES FOR DISCUSSION: The factors that influence OVC not to attain further education, being: poverty and disease, illnesses in families due to HIV and AIDS, higher school fees lack of basic needs and stigma and discrimination and the policy of free education in Zambia.

DESCRIPTION: An estimated 2.5 million children are orphaned in Zambia, population is 10.5 million people. The study of OVC relevant in relation to education as there is increase in OVC and proving to be a social problem. This research found out some underlying factors influencing OVC school drop. The study was in chipata compound in Kitwe.

LESSONS LEARNT: The policies of ‘free’ education in Zambia not clear, education system in Zambia not favourable for vulnerable groups. Peer pressure and the environment influences school drop outs. HIV /AIDS and high unemployment factors influencing child labour and parental guidance and emotional abuse.

NEXT STEP: Review of the ‘free’ education policy, (terms and conditions). Alternative mode of schooling for OVC. Income and Generating Activities (IGA), to support family units to support households with basic needs. Additional funding for community schools to reach the same level of standard of learning as that of government schools and build capacity of teachers.





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