IFGH 2010: Economically Sustainable Eyecare In Africa

November 30, 2010

Right to Sight is an Irish not-for-profit eye care management consultancy, founded in 2006, in response to the critical lack of eye surgeons in Africa, less than one per million population, where cataract is now the cause of 43-65% blindness, yet it takes less than ten minutes to treat and for only 20$. Furthermore, poor management meant that in 2007, an African surgeon did an average of three cataract operations a week.

Interim results confirm that our partners in Orissa ( TGN), Cameroon (ACHA), DR Congo (Shalina eye clinic), Kenya and South Africa (Eerste Riviere hospital) have developed successful high quality, high volume ( more than 50 a week) cataract surgery models, reducing the cost of the procedure adequately to create profit margins which provide free and subsided surgery for the poor.

Right to Sight is now investing in sustainable training of human resources in African countries to offer a permanent solution to the needless blindness crisis.




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