IFGH 2010: A Community-Based Participatory Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rongai Constituency, Rift Valley Province, Kenya

November 30, 2010

Grandparents are often the primary caregivers for the growing number of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS. With this ageing population naturally diminishing, there is concern about the lack of a new generation of caregivers to take its place. There is therefore an important need for efficient and appropriate community based interventions to effectively respond to the needs of OVC and lessen the risks to which they are exposed.

Using community based participatory methodologies; we investigated the needs of OVC in Rongai, Kenya. Systematic random sampling was used to select participants enrolled in a local OVC programme. We administered 173 questionnaires and conducted 2 focus group discussions with OVC. Our aim was to identify the most pressing needs of OVC, provide evidence-based feedback on how resources are best allocated and make recommendations on how to improve the training of future community health workers in Rongai.

We learned that OVC in this area lack important access to resources including schooling, sexual and reproductive health education, important support programmes, and counselling. We discuss the need to empower community based groups currently working to address the needs of OVC. The importance of supporting successful interventions through training additional community based caregivers is highlighted.






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