Social/Behavioural Science and COVID-19

April 2, 2020
    • “Using behavioural science to help fight the coronavirus”
      This ESRI article summarises useful evidence from behavioural science for fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, based on an extensive literature search of relevant behavioural interventions and studies of crises. 
    • “Social Science in Humanitarian Action”
      This document sets out practical considerations relating to flows of information, misinformation and disinformation though online media, particularly social media networks, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It details various types of online media, key players and influencers on social media, and strategies for ensuring good information and disrupting mis- and disinformation.
    • “COVID-19 – the social science response to the pandemic”
      This article covers the anthropological response to COVID-19, along with lessons learnt from Ebola and SARS, the importance of pandemic responses from the ‘bottom-up’, the impacts on people in slums and informal settlements, and exploring the impact of the virus on religious practices.
    • “Our Most Vulnerable Communities Face Big Challenges In Quarantine”
      This is a podcast all about community support and coping strategies, and protecting those most at risk during this time. 
    • “COVID-19 – a social phenomenon requiring diverse expertise”
      This article explores the social responses to COVID-19, and the inequalities and anxieties, discrimination and division; and also solidarities and collective action that the pandemic is creating.
    • Self Isolation Helpers Website
      This temporary website was created to support the community as people adjust to COVID-19, highlighting how individuals, organisations and businesses are all doing their bit to help with what is, for many, a difficult time.


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