March 30, 2020
  • EvidenceAid COVID-19 Collection: Evidence Aid has compiled a list of reliable resources about COVID-19 in addition to multiple translation. There is 4 main categories:
    1. Clinical characterisation and management
    2. Health System and services
    3. Infection prevention and control, including health care worker’s protection
    4. Public health interventions


  • Science Foundation Ireland: (FI is working together with Government Departments and other agencies (IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Health Research Board, Irish Research Council and others), and the wider research and innovation community to ensure a coordinated and meaningful contribution to solving some of the challenges presented by COVID-19.
    Here is their Five Point Plan, SFI’s contribution to the Irish Government’s National Action Plan in response to COVID-19, outlining key activities where SFI believe the research community can make a positive impact.
  •  Health Service Executive – This online resource produce a digital partner pack which can be downloaded via the link here.This pack contains the most up-to-date posters on Coronavirus COVID-19, videos,leaflets, social media assets and more. There is also a video on social distancing here   
  • COVID-19 in Europe: The Italian Lesson – This lancet journal shows the projection of cases if European countries fail to learn from Italy and not adopt very restrictive measures to limit viral diffusion, ensure appropriate health-system response
  • Using the behavioural science to help fight coronavirus – This ESRI article summarises useful evidence from behavioural science for fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. It is based on an extensive literature search of relevant behavioural interventions and studies of crises. The findings aim to be useful not only to government and public authorities, but to organisations, workplaces and households. 


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