Health & Gender Equity in a Period of Global Crisis

September 12, 2013

DSAI (Development Studies Association Ireland), IFGH (Irish Forum for Global Health) and Gender ARC are delighted to partner on ‘Health and Gender Equity in a Period of Global Crisis’; a conference reflecting two prominent research themes which have emerged over the past two-three years.

gender-equityThis conference will hear from speakers from around the globe, who will look at some of the biggest challenges       and critical issues facing development researchers, policy-makers and practitioners working in the area of               international development. Some of the key issues this conference will be addressing are:

  • How the development agenda is being transformed by the unprecedented economic turmoil since the banking crisis of 2008/9 and its subsequent effects north and south.
  • Does the end of the MDGs signify new thinking on development paradigms?
  • How is the end of neoliberal globalisation and the rise of the BRICs posing a serious challenge to accepted development nostrums in the North?
  • What ramifications has the ‘triple crisis’ had for gender equality in southern economies?
  • What effect has it had on reinforcing pre-existing disadvantage in deepening poverty and accelerating other crises, such as the HIV epidemic?
  • Is the care economy emerging as an alternative informal economy in the context of high unemployment?
  • How have women’s land rights, sustainable livelihoods and climate justice been affected?
  • What evidence is emerging that health inequalities between and within countries are widening?
  • What effect is worsening poverty and declining services having on health outcomes for those caught within the poverty trap?
  • How is the global crisis increasing vulnerability and depleting the coping capabilities of individuals and communities?
  • How can those working in the area of international development protect equitable initiatives, address the differential impacts on the most vulnerable and develop policy responses that mitigate risks and promote resilience?

Call for papers and registration for this conference will open in the autumn and we would urge you to put the following dates in your diary:

Thursday/Friday 28 & 29 November 2013

Venue: Galway Bay Hotel, Galway City


For further information or to register your interest in this conference, please contact Dawn Quinn, DSAI Coordinator at: or call: 01-896 3668


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