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Self Injury/Harm Awareness Day SIAD

March 1

Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD), observed annually on March 1st, is an international awareness day focused on educating the public about self-injury and self-harm, as well as reducing the stigma surrounding these behaviours. The day provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the prevalence of self-injury, dispel myths, and encourage open conversations about mental health struggles.

Self-injury, which may involve cutting, burning, or other forms of self-harm, is often associated with underlying emotional or psychological distress. SIAD aims to promote understanding and empathy for individuals who engage in self-harming behaviours, emphasising the importance of supportive environments and access to mental health resources.

On Self-Injury Awareness Day, various organisations and individuals participate in activities such as educational campaigns, outreach events, and social media initiatives to share information, resources, and stories of hope and recovery. The ultimate goal is to foster a more compassionate and informed society that recognises the complexities of mental health and provides assistance to those in need.


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