DTALK: Launch of broader programme of services.

June 29, 2011

DTALK’s broader range of services to support organisational capacity development, was officially launched at a reception in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin following the inaugural Master Class on Leadership.

The Minister for Trade and Development Jan O’Sullivan addressed the gathering of DTALK supporters, recognising DTALK’s role in successfully developing capacity in the sector. Over 5,800 participants have benefitted from DTALK courses since 2005, with 95% of those recording a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ satisfaction level.  

In her speech, the Minister reassured the guests – most of whom are involved with the development sector – of the government’s commitment, despite the economic crisis, to achieving the target of contributing 0.7% of Gross National Product for international development assistance by 2015. This she claimed was supported from all sides of the Dail. 

Ingrid Srinath, Director General of CIVICUS – an alliance of civil society organisations worldwide – also addressed the reception. Earlier in the Master Class, in an insightful and penetrating outline of risks and challenges to civil society – and development in general – Ingrid presented her understanding of the new world in which we’re operating, and the risks and challenges for leaders. She exhorted those present to take up the challenge in these times of rapid change and uncertainty to step into the vacuum and influence “the new social contract”.  

Also present at the reception were the heads of DTALK consortia Dr Geof Woods of INTRAC in the UK, Hans Rijneveld of MDF, Netherlands and of course Paddy Reilly, Director of Kimmage DSC. Each endorsed DTALK’s successful record to date, and enthusiastically promoted DTALK’s new services, pledging continuing support for the future.


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