COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

March 20, 2020

Funding Opportunities:

IGHN will regularly update funding opportunities related to COVID-19 as they become available. 











Co-Creation Hub Funding and Design Support for COVID-19 Projects

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and its related consequences in other sectors of various economies across the globe, CcHUB is looking to fund and provide research and design support, via our Design Lab, for COVID-19 related projects.

These include, but not limited to, projects in the following areas: 

  • Last mile communication: educating the public and ensuring the right information reaches even remote locations.
  • Support for the infected and the most vulnerable in society.
  • Local production of essential medical supplies 
  • Support for our food value chain, from producers to consumers, in the event of movement restrictions.

If you are already working on a project or have an idea, with the capability to build out the solution with available resources from CcHUB, please fill out this form here

Projects can be focused on a particular African country, the African continent or the world at large.

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MA in International Development Maynooth University Scholarship Opportunity

Closing date: 22nd June 2020. 

This Maynooth University Department has decided to enhance its reputation for excellence in teaching and research by offering up to two full EU-fee scholarships to outstanding individuals wishing to pursue the taught MA in International Development. The total value of each full-time scholarship will be up to the cost of full-time EU fees. 


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Call For Promising Digital Health Solutions In Light Of The Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Deadline: May 31, 2020

HITLAB announced this Call for Innovator Applications seeks promising digital health solutions in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Support is provided in two areas:

  1. Smartphone-based solutions for supporting the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, and
  2. Broad/long-term digital solutions to address gaps in healthcare brought to light by COVID-19.


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The Open Road Alliance is offering charitable grants to organizations responding directly to COVID-19, with priority given to organizations and activities that have a clear and direct role in ‘flattening the curve’ and thus limiting, shortening, or minimizing the economic and social, as well as health effects of the pandemic. Loans are also available to organizations affected by COVID-19, including those with lost event revenue, those delivering vital community services, and social enterprises.


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USAID COVID-19 Funding Request and Unsolicited Proposals

USAID priorities in the COVID-19 response are to protect the safety and health security of global workforce, ensure that they can continue life-saving mission across the world, and support partner countries in their response to COVID-19.

To date, USAID has publicly announced $274 million in funding to combat COVID-19. More than $2 billion—which Congress provided to USAID and the State Department in two emergency supplemental appropriations—is being put to work to save lives.


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THET Funding Call

THET is pleased to announce a new call for applications through the Health Worker Action Fund (HWAF), which aims to support established Health Partnerships to protect the physical and mental health of LMIC health workers who are engaged or preparing to be engaged in the frontline treatment of Covid-19. 

You must be an established Health Partnership, that has received THET funding since 2011, in one of the following countries: 
Ethiopia – Myanmar – Somaliland – Tanzania – Uganda – Zambia.

THET is pleased to announce a new call for applications through the Health Worker Action Fund (HWAF), which aims to support established Health Partnerships to protect the physical and mental health of LMIC health workers who are engaged or preparing to be engaged in the frontline treatment of Covid-19. 
By doing this, health workers will also be better positioned to provide safe and effective care to patients. 

To Find Out More

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The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: COVID-19 Response Mechanism

Deadline: May 31, 2020

The new COVID-19 Response Mechanism supports countries to respond to COVID-19, mitigate the impact on programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria, and initiate urgent improvements in health and community systems.

Eligible programming supported by the COVID-19 Response Mechanism are:

  • Interventions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on HIV, TB and malaria disease programs
  • Actions to reinforce the response to COVID-19
  • Initiatives to make urgent improvements in health and community systems, including laboratory networks, supply chains and engagement with vulnerable communities


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2020 Call for Code Global Challenge: Build Solutions for COVID-19 and Climate Change

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge has expanded its focus to tackle the effects of COVID-19. Technology solutions can help reduce the impact this pandemic has on our daily lives and the world.

This year the competition will have two tracks. One track is for solutions that help halt and reverse the impact of climate change. The second track is for solutions to mitigate the impact of global pandemics like COVID-19 on communities around the world. Winning solutions are deployed in communities that need the most help.
Prize Information

  • Grand prize winner
    • $200,000 USD cash prize
    • Invitation to the Call for Code Global Award Announcement
    • Open source project support from The Linux Foundation
    • Opportunity for mentorship and investment in the solution
    • Solution implementation support through Code and Response™
  • First and second runner up
    • $25,000 USD cash prize
    • Invitation to the Call for Code Global Award Announcement
    • Open source project support from The Linux Foundation
  • Third and fourth runner up
    • $10,000 USD cash prize
    • Invitation to the Call for Code Global Award Announcement
    • Open source project support from The Linux Foundation
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National Geographic Society launches COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists

The National Geographic Society has launched an emergency fund for journalists all over the world who wish to cover COVID-19 within their own communities.

Funding Information

The fund will distribute support ranging from $1,000–8,000 USD for local coverage of the preparation, response, and impact of this global pandemic as seen through evidence-based reporting.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Seeks writers, photographers, videographers, audio journalists, cartographers, filmmakers, and data visualization experts to apply for this funding.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time they submit an application.
  • Journalists should seek placement of this work within their local media ecosystems and must attribute their support to the National Geographic Society’s Emergency Fund for Journalists.


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Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

Deadline: October 31, 2020

The award: US $1,000,000 

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity honors humanitarians who go to extreme lengths to save the lives of others, including those fighting the global outbreak of COVID-19. 

You can nominate an individual or a group of people for their exemplary response to the COVID-19 pandemic in any professional or personal capacity


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The GISAID Initiative

The GISAID Initiative promotes the international sharing of all influenza virus sequences, related clinical and epidemiological data associated with human viruses, and geographical as well as species-specific data associated with avian and other animal viruses, to help researchers understand how the viruses evolve, spread and potentially become pandemics.

To Find out more about  GISAID Grants, Click Here

To Find out more about GISAID Partnerships, Click Here

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Psychological Science Accelerator Calls for Rapid and Impactful Study Proposals on COVID-19

The Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA) is the largest consortium of research psychologists in the world. Behavioral scientists can play an important role in combating the growing COVID-19 pandemic if we quickly take action to collect high-quality data from large, global samples. The PSA wants to team up with researchers working on important questions related to this pandemic. 

Scope of study proposals

  • Proposals are for studies that can be conducted online.
  • Studies should be relatively easy to conduct: applied, not basic, research.
  • Research proposals from multi-disciplinary teams (e.g., health researchers, psychologists, and data scientists) will be prioritized.
  • Proposals should not exceed 1 page: including the basic research question, relevant literature, identify whether the research is exploratory or confirmatory, and how the research will contribute to reducing the effects of the current crisis. 


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SOLVE 2020 Global Health Security and Pandemics Challenge 

Deadline: 18th June 2020

In response to the coronavirus, Solve has launched a Global Health Security & Pandemics Challenge as part of its 2020 Global Challenges.

Funding Information: 

Receive access to more than $1 million in prize funding for the 2020 Challenges.


The initial duration of the projects should not exceed 24 months. 

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Anyone, anywhere around the world can submit a solution to Solve’s Challenges.
  • You can be an individual, a team, or an organization.
  • You can be an applicant from previous years or already part of their community.


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CEPI: Funding Opportunity for The Rapid Development of Vaccines Against COVID-19

Deadline: 30th Jun 2020

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations has opened an additional funding opportunity for the rapid development of vaccines against COVID-19.

This Call for proposals will support the rapid development of vaccines striving for licensure/emergency authorization in 12 to 18 months or less and to ensure the availability of sufficient doses for wide-spread global deployment as soon as possible in 2021.


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