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Women in Global Health Ireland is a group of individuals who represent academia, private sector and non-governmental organisations coming together to support gender equality in global health leadership.

Our goal is to contribute to improving Gender Transformative Leadership in Global Health within Ireland and worldwide by creating an enabling and supporting environment through advocacy, education and networking that promotes gender equity in global health. Gender Transformative Leadership improves global health through the utilization of advocacy, education, policy recommendations, mentorship and networking opportunities.

Ireland has a strong presence in global health. There are many international NGOs, undergraduate and postgraduate global health focused courses across the country. There are also numerous individuals who represent Ireland in international organisations or in other countries around the globe.  A key objective for the Irish Chapter of WGH is to create a space for networks of ‘Irish affiliated’ persons to learn about and advocate for women’s representation in global health. WGH Ireland also aims to act as a resource centre for up to date information and opportunities.  

Objectives to reach our goals:

1. Connect

  • Connect with, support, and learn from WGH and WGH Chapters worldwide
  • Involve with wide range of sectors and individuals connected to Global Health in Ireland
  • Be a space for those working in Ireland, and Irish-connected individuals working abroad

2. Advocate

  • Bring awareness nationally and internationally on gender inequity within global health leadership
  • Lead and support discussions on gender equity issues within global health within Ireland

3. Strengthen

  • Support opportunities for women and underrepresented groups to participate in global health leadership nationally and internationally
  • Provide space and platform for individuals to share knowledge, ideas and experience
  • Contribute to development of individual’s careers through mentorship and training       


Women in Global Health (WGH) is a global organisation which works to achieve gender equity in global health leadership. WGH unites women working in different sectors of global health professions, frontline worker organisations, research and policy and focuses on issues common across global health and social care.

Women make up 75% of the healthcare workforce, yet only occupy 25% of influential leadership positions. Most of the work done by women is either unpaid or underpaid. This leaves women with limited opportunities for the advancement or to care for their own health. This inequitable situation impacts the health of everyone. 

The Women in Global Health organisation:

  • Strives to ensure that everyone has the right to attain equal levels of participation in decision making and leadership roles
  • Creates a platform for discussions, collaborations and capacity building to enable the equal advances of all genders within global health and demand change for Gender Transformative Leadership
  • Is home to a global network of national chapters convening multi-stakeholder, inter-generational dialogues across the globe
  • Brings together leaders at all career levels together in conversation about gender equality in global health leadership



At the Irish Global Health Network we make every effort to ensure that we are partnering with organisations whose values and principles align with our own. With this being said, all views and activities of Incubator organisations are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent the views of the Irish Global Health Network.

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