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Who cares? Care and society in the modern world.

GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Ian Hodgson   Speaking in March at the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin, Ireland, Arthur Kleinman and Iain Wilkinson shared details of their new text, ‘A Passion for Society: How we think about human suffering’. Essentially a critique of how ‘care’ is in danger...

IFGH 2012: Health Care Delivery, Access and Utilisation in Emerging Communities and Slums of Urban South West, Nigeria

by globalhealth on Jan 29, 2012 in Conference Abstracts
The study aims to examine the nature of health care in emerging communities and slums of urban south west, Nigeria. The specific objectives will include; to explore the social processes by which health care services emerge and evolve in emerging communities and urban slums of south west Nigeria; to examine access to...

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