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Community approach to preventing violence against women: SASA! study results are out.

Reducing violence against women – SASA! Recent results from the groundbreaking study on the SASA! (meaning ‘Now’ in Kiswahili) approach have been extremely positive, showing reductions in intimate partner violence (IPV), as well as marked shifts towards non-acceptance of IPV, and increasing respect for...

Gender, Power and Commitment: SASA Uganda – a community mobilisation approach for prevention of gender-based violence

by globalhealth on Nov 14, 2013 in Education, News, Past Events, Student Outreach Group
Immediately, my eyes ran to a large poster at the front of the room, the writing in bold lettering read: ‘How Strong Are Women?’  Posed in the form of a question, it seemed to explore a rhetorical response, one I assumed, that would be deliberated over the course of the next couple hours.   At … Continue...

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