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3D Printing and Global Health: An Ethical Perspective

GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES 3D printed prosthetic arms as part of Project Daniel in Sudan. Image: Not Impossible, LLC   Citizen Journalist: Muthukumaran Thangaramanujam (‘Muthu’) Three-dimensional printing (3D printing) is currently sweeping across the globe as an accessible manufacturing technique for the...

IFGH 2012: WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel- Implications for Ireland

by globalhealth on Jan 31, 2012 in Conference Abstracts
Ireland, because of its disproportionate reliance on passively and actively recruited non-EU trained nurses and doctors, has ethical responsibilities both to its foreign health workers and their countries. In the long-run, it will be Ireland's success or not in developing and retaining its domestic health workforce that...

IFGH 2012: Disaster Bioethics: Preparing Health Workers for Ethical Dilemmas

Posted by Irish Forum for Global Health | Conference Abstracts   Authors:O’Mathúna D. Author Affiliations:School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Dublin City University Option 2– Lessons from the field; project and programme evaluations; and syntheses or analyses Presented as – Oral Poster Issues:...

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