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(De) Politicizing or Delineating Health from Gender, Sexuality, Society and Culture

GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist & Editor: Bianca van Bavel   How we come to situate sexuality in the discourses of health and human rights can be very political. From  questioning the medicalization of sexuality to queering heteronormativity and gender binary, the International Association for the...

Cultural Exchange: The ‘one-way’ street of Global Health

IFGH Conference 2014 Emerging Voices-Early Perspectives Key Correspondent: Michael Johnson What can we learn about healthcare from the Global South? With many of our resourced hospitals, high-end technologies, and long established healthcare systems, this question may leave some perplexed. However, it would appear that...

IFGH 2012: The Impact of Geographical and Cultural Translocation on Training in a Western Medical School

by globalhealth on Jan 27, 2012 in Conference Abstracts
The overall aim of this study is to identify issues impacting on the journey and experience of overseas students studying in a Western medical school. We aim to identify and clarify challenges facing cohorts of students at all stages of the programme and build on existing supportive mechanisms and to assist the College...

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