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The Irish Aid Annual Fr. Michael Kelly HIV/AIDS Event 2014

by globalhealth on Nov 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
At this year’s International Conference, as in previous years, the IFGH is facilitating the Irish Aid Annual Father Michael Kelly HIV/AIDS Event. This year is the 9th year of this event which was founded in 2006 to honour Fr. Michael’s remarkable work and tireless advocacy in the HIV and AIDS arena. The annual...

IFGH 2012: Changing Incentives for Health Workers Through a Voucher Scheme for Maternal Health Services

Posted by Irish Forum for Global Health | Conference Abstracts   Authors:Ekirapa- Kiracho E.1, Kiwanuka SN.1, Brugha R.2, Sengooba F.1, Thomas S.3 Author Affiliations:1Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda, 2Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland,3Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Option...

IFGH 2012: Health Care Delivery, Access and Utilisation in Emerging Communities and Slums of Urban South West, Nigeria

by globalhealth on Jan 29, 2012 in Conference Abstracts
The study aims to examine the nature of health care in emerging communities and slums of urban south west, Nigeria. The specific objectives will include; to explore the social processes by which health care services emerge and evolve in emerging communities and urban slums of south west Nigeria; to examine access to...

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