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This year’s Global Health Exchange conference, co-organised by the Irish Forum for Global Health, GOAL and RCSI, took place in RSCI, St. Stephen’s Green, on November 6-7, 2018.

Over 100 people attended this exciting event that covered a range of topics around health, development, humanitarian work, and the challenges facing those working to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030. The conference themes centred around the core principle, ‘leave no one behind’.

Themes included: non-communicable diseases (NCDs), nutrition, women in global health, overcoming barriers and stigma, empowerment and mental health, health systems strengthening in emergencies, solutions and innovations, climate change and the environment, interdisciplinary working, inclusion and community care, and integration and inter-sectoral working.

Scroll down for the recorded sessions that correspond to the event programme.

Day One

Plenary: Equality, Inclusion & Leaving No-One Behind

Dr. Sara Burke - Health Policy Analyst, Centre for Health Policy and Management TCD

Universal Access to Healthcare in Ireland: A Critical Juncture

Lusungu Dzinkambani - Governance Program Manager, Oxfam Malawi

Universal Health Coverage in Malawi: Progress and Challenges so far.

Aidan Fitzpatrick - Policy Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Irish Aid

Update on Process for Developing Ireland’s News International Development Policy

Parallel Sessions 1

Panel: NCDs & Nutrition, Nightingale Theatre

Camille Phillips - CGH, TCD

Perception and Experiences of Households Regarding Nutrition in Children Aged 6 to 24 Months in Busia District, Uganda.

Michael O'Toole - CGH, TCD

Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa: The Irish Response.

Dr. Richard Firth

The Global Diabetes Pandemic and West Africa.

Hatty Barthop - GOAL

Nutrition Impact and Positive Practices (NIPP), a Sustainable Behaviour-Change Approach Supporting Maternal and Child Health.

Panel: Overcoming Barriers and Stigma

Caitlin Walker - University of Cambridge

Investigating Prevention of Depression in Young People Using eHealth Strategies: A Narrative Review.

Nadine Ferris France - The Work for Change

TB: A toolkit of interventions against Self-Stigma.

Breda Gahan - Concern Worldwide

HIV is being ‘Left Behind’ – Especially that Affecting Poorest PLHIV and Affected Populations.

Soapbox Snapshots: Leaving No-One Behind

Marie Hallissey, GOAL. (1)

Rapid Response Medical teams in Conflict Zone to Ensure Continuum of Maternal and Child Health Care for IDPs Always on the Move

Marie Hallissey, GOAL (2)

Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

Rosemary James, Uganda Red Cross.

Menstrual Hygiene Management in Ugana’s refugee settlements: A Needs Assessment and Implementation Design

Niall Roche

Protection and Child Protection in Humanitarian Contexts

Varsha Shetty, TCD

Barriers to Implementation of Sustainable Transport Policies in Ireland to tackle Climate Change

Thomas Noone, Development Perspectives

‘Engaging the Players’ – The Application of Social Art Practice with Ireland’s Over-Consuming Workforce

Parallel Sessions 2

Panel: Influencing Empowerment and Mental Health

Jayne Grimes, MSF

Managing a Mental Health Service in Europe’s Refugee Crisis: The Challenge of Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Refugees at the Gateway to Europe

Zahika Shah

Exploring the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Healthcare Policies in Malawi

Nuhah Ibrahim, CGH/TCD

Looking after the Mental Health of Health Workers: Avoiding Burnout and Maintaining Motivation

Mary Walsh, HSE

Exploring the Use of Talking Mats to Empower People with Dementia to Become More Active Participants in Decision Making

Panel: HSS In Emergencies

Sheila Garry, World Vision Ireland

The EBODAC Project Developing Strategies & Tools to Promote the Acceptance & Uptake of Ebola Vaccines

Lorcan Clarke, LSE

Financing Systems and Innovative Structures

Breda Gahan, Concern Worldwide

Improving access and coverage of PHC services through HSS in Urban Bangladesh and West Darfur

Hatty Barthop, GOAL

Emergency Scale-Up in Response to the El Ninõ Effect in Ethipoia and Subsequent Development Actions

Soapbox Snapshots: Solutions, Innovations and Issues for Global Health

Morgane Clarke, CGH/TCD

Evaluation of a Blended Online Learning Approach to Strengthen Gender Analysis Capacity within Health Systems Research: A Mixed-Methods Study

Niall Roche

Environmental Health as a Priority Cross-Cutting Issue to Achieve SDG 3, 6 and 13

Sofia Gatti, TCD/Oxfam

Financing Universal Healthcare in Malawi – International Lessons

Rosemary James, Balamu Healthcare International

Innovative Solutions Towards Tackling Stockouts, Absenteeism, Poor Medical Records and Centralism

Ayat Abu-Agla, CGH/TCD

How to Measure Performance Among Community Midwives in Sudan: An Implementation Research Study

Day 2 - Global Health Exchange, 2018

Global Health Challenge Team Competition

Global Health Challenge Team Competition

Plenary: Effective Partnerships & Strategies to Bridge The Humanitarian-Development Nexus

Dr. Michael J. Ryan Assistant Director General of Emergency Preparedness and Response, WHO Emergencies
Olive Moore Head of Programmes, Trócaire

Joint Humanitarian/Development Programming: Trócaire’s Approach and Learning

David Wightwick CEO, UK-Med

Parallel Sessions 3

Panel: Partnerships & Interdisciplinary Actions for Global Health

David Weakliam, HSE

North-South Health Service Partnerships: A Pathway to Universal Health Coverage and Ensuring ‘No One Will be Left Behind’

Deirdre Mangoang, RCSI/COCECSA Collaboration Programme

Building a ‘College Without Walls’: A Partnership to Train Surgeons in Sub-Saharan Africa

Eilidh Higgins, GOAL Global

Bottom up Accountability: Experimental Evidence from Uganda’s Health System

Ayat Abu-Agla, CGH/TCD

Stronger Health Systems, Stronger Nations: Sudan-Ireland Portfolio

Panel: Climate Change and Environment

Matt Robinson, HSE

Irish Perspectives on the Challenges and Opportunities that Lie Ahead

Geraldine McCrossan, GOAL

Integrating Positive Climate Change Adaption and Sexual Reproductive Health/Family Planning Behaviours Amongst Youth in Malawi: Insights from the PaMawa Project

Debbi Stanistreet, RCSI

Household Air Pollution: Strategies for Scale Up of Cleaner Fuels


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