Gender, Power and Commitment: SASA Uganda – a community mobilisation approach for prevention of gender-based violence

by globalhealth on Nov 14, 2013 in Education, News, Past Events, Student Outreach Group
Immediately, my eyes ran to a large poster at the front of the room, the writing in bold lettering read: ‘How Strong Are Women?’  Posed in the form of a question, it seemed to explore a rhetorical response, one I assumed, that would be deliberated over the course of the next couple hours.   At … Continue...

DSAI, IFGH & Gender ARC Partnership for 2013 Conference

by globalhealth on Jul 15, 2013 in Events, Past Events
Posted by Irish Forum for Global Health | News Health and Gender Equity in a Period of Global Crisis The DSAI 2013 annual conference will be a collaborative event in association with two other Ireland-wide research networks – the Irish Forum on Global Health (IFGH) and the Gender Advanced Research Consortium...

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