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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024

February 11

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated annually on February 11th, highlighting the crucial role that women and girls play in the fields of science and technology. Established by the United Nations, this day aims to promote gender equality and encourage the full and equal participation of women and girls in the sciences. It recognises the importance of breaking down barriers that have historically limited their involvement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines. On this day, various activities, events, and initiatives are organised worldwide to celebrate the achievements of women in science, inspire the next generation of female scientists, and address the gender disparities that persist in scientific fields. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science serves as a call to action, emphasising the need for inclusive opportunities and a supportive environment to ensure that women and girls can contribute their talents and perspectives to the advancement of scientific knowledge and innovation.


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