Crisis in Ukraine

Refugee Situation Ukraine – UNHCR Portal

  • This is a dedicated page on refugee issues as they relate to the Crisis in Ukraine. It contains resources on refugees fleeing Ukraine, compiled from a variety of sources, mainly data provided by authorities from official border crossing points

Navigate to the UNHCR Page here

World Health Organization – Situation Reports and Appeals

  • The following page lists a number of useful online resources, including WHO statements on Ukraine, a media library with recent images of the crisis and recently published situation reports. 

Navigate to the WHO page here

IOM – IOM Response, Situation Reports and Resources

  • This is a dedicated page on the IOM response in Ukraine. It contains resources, tools, situation reports, appeals and key information and stories. 

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UNOCHA – Situation Reports, Key Developments and Analysis 

  • The following lists a number of key developments and highlights from the conflict on the ground, and contains updated situation reports. 

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UNICEF – Situation Reports  

  • The following lists contains a number of recent situation reports from UNICEF’s work on the ground to provide an update on the situation and needs of children fleeing conflict in Ukraine. 

Navigate to the UNICEF Page here

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – Recent Developments and Key Analysis 

  • The following lists contains a dedicated page on key developments and an analysis of events happening both on the ground in Ukraine and related developments affecting other countries during this ongoing war. 

Navigate to the CFR Page here

UNOCHA and ReliefWeb – Flash Appeal and Situation Analysis

  • This is a dedicated document for a Flash Appeal for Ukraine detailing an in-depth analysis of the ongoing war and its affect on the Ukrainian population and neighboring countries, as well as outlining the key humanitarian needs. 

Navigate to the ReliefWeb Page here


If you would like to learn more about how the international community is responding to the crisis, you can watch a recording our our live event ‘Emergency in Ukraine: Ongoing Humanitarian and Health Response’ that took place on 24th March. 

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