About us

About us



The Irish Forum for Global Health is an independent network of people concerned with the health and development of populations at a global level, with a particular commitment to populations in low income countries.

Established in 2004, with a membership of almost 800, the IFGH welcomes individuals and groups interested in promoting global health-related education, research, policy and advocacy. We offer our members opportunities for learning, collaboration and action in these areas, working to create and strengthen both national and international links within the global health community.



Membership is open to any individual who has an interest in global health, regardless of disciplinary background. The Forum aims to be relevant to academics, policy makers, field workers, advocacy groups and the general public.


We will:

  • facilitate communication between members
  • maintain a database of network members
  • develop a database of network members expertise
  • promote the forum and its activities to agencies with an interest in global health issues.
  • facilitate the formation of long-term links between education and research institutions in middle and low-income countries


We will:

  • identify current teaching and education needs on global health issues on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in health sciences
  • make recommendations for curriculum content
  • create a national network for global health education that will share curriculum development and teaching across institutions and provide a pool of teaching resources in the area of global health thus ensuring that national and international students are provided the opportunity to learn about the issues that impact on health globally


We will

  • connect people doing relevant research with individuals and organisations who can help them work more effectively
  • build a collaborative network of researchers interested in health research in middle and low-income countries
  • enable the development of research groups that address factors that impact on health globally, including within Ireland’s multicultural society
  • focus on research that strengthens health systems in low and middle income countries.


We will:

  • provide a platform for debate on global health and development by hosting seminars that bring together field, academic and policy expertise
  • advocate for the inclusion of a global health perspective in government and civil society initiatives pertaining to health and welfare
  • encourage practitioners to consider health and welfare issues both in Ireland and abroad from a global health perspective
  • seek support for global health research and education
  • contribute to the evidence base on the best approaches to tackling health problems and delivering healthcare

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