Developing a Productive and Effective Health Work Force

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Developing a Productive and Effective Health Work Force

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GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Siobhán Tracey   “Expenditure on an effective health work force is not a cost but an investment.” The overarching message from the opening speakers at RCSI’s Global Health Conference held in Dublin on 21st and 22nd April, 2016 is that expenditure now, on building a skilled health work force, will […]

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Harnessing Health Informatics: Dilemmas of Big Data and Adaptive Technologies

GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Richard Gibney Today, both patient confidentiality and data protection are highly valued. But so is the data itself. Data breaches in the health sector are a serious concern.  Many hospitals continue to rely on paper systems for their health records, with the move to digital seen as carrying risks.  Yet, these existing […]

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Protecting the Environment for Future Generations


Photo of a man diving into the Ganga river was taken by Sudipto Das, WHO (2007) September 26th is World Environmental Health Day, and this year the theme is protecting the environment for the health and safety of children.  The evidence connecting environmental health with population health are well documented.  Some of the most vulnerable groups to […]

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3D Printing and Global Health: An Ethical Perspective

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GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES 3D printed prosthetic arms as part of Project Daniel in Sudan. Image: Not Impossible, LLC   Citizen Journalist: Muthukumaran Thangaramanujam (‘Muthu’) Three-dimensional printing (3D printing) is currently sweeping across the globe as an accessible manufacturing technique for the masses. Though the concept of 3D printing itself pre-dates the Internet, it has only […]

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Engaging Health Systems by Improving Access to Health Information   


GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Sanskriti Sasikumar Artwork by Charles Isabirye for Partnerships in Health Information. Retrieved from: Knowledge empowers individuals to make informed choices. However, in our search for the perfect solution to improve global health, we rarely speak about improving access to health information.  Global health actors often speak of tangible solutions like […]

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We’re teaming up with Dóchas and the World’s Best News!


Global Health Writes, our fresh take on street advocacy and citizen journalism, is collaborating with the World’s Best News to host a writing workshop on Thursday August 6th from 18:30—20:00 at the Centre for Global Health, Trinity College Dublin (7—9 Leinster Street South, Room 304).  These two initiatives provide important platforms to motivate public engagement and political support for global health, human rights, and development […]

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From We to One: Trans-disciplinary approaches to transform Global Health


    GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist & Editor: Bianca van Bavel   Globally, most emerging diseases and persisting infections are zoonoses transmitted from animals to humans. Their origins are associated with societal and cultural adaptations over tens of thousands of years, such as the introduction of agriculture, transforming the way humans, environments, pathogens, and animals […]

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Shit Stunts: Refocusing Priorities in Nutrition and WaSH


GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Siobhan Nestor   Nutrition and WaSH Integration, Research and Future Challenges Integration of Nutrition and WaSH programmes was the key topic discussed at the multi sectorial panel seminar hosted by Irish Aid, the IFGH and the Development Studies Association of Ireland on the 19th May. Jacinta Greene and Dr. Sean […]

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Ending Ireland’s Apathy to Climate Change


GLOBAL HEALTH WRITES Citizen Journalist: Colm Duffy As we approach 2050, the world has significant challenges that need to be tackled to ensure food and environmental security. With the global population set to increase to 9-12 billion the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) predicts that food production must increase by 70% to meet demand. […]

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Creating demand for an ap-peel-ing shift in global trade economies


Today as we mark the 45th Earth Day, we are reminded of the power of all small ‘acts of green’, from local to global contributions that we as global citizens can make to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement. Our latest Global Health Writes article by Anneliese Arno takes a similar approach, calling for […]

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