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National SOT Co-ordinator

Eunice Phillip

Eunice is a current Global Health PhD scholar at the Division of Population Health, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Her study, which focuses on community-based participatory research (CBPR)approach and community capacity building in household air pollution in rural Malawi, is qualitatively implementing, exploring, and evaluating the different constructs of CBPR.

Before starting her research career in 2018, Eunice worked as a registered nurse in emergency, TB/HIV, and childhood immunisation departments and on several community-level projects, including the WHO ‘Kick Polio program’. She received her MPH from the University College of Cork, where she focused on Health Promotion Studies. Her thesis titled ‘Household air pollution and anaemia in women and children: a cross-sectional study of six sub-Saharan African countries’ was awarded the Jacqueline Hogan Bronze Medal in Public Health and Epidemiology in 2018.

As a student representative, she currently lends her voice and time with the Irish Global Health Network Student Outreach Team and RCSI Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion unit.

Eunice is passionate about reducing the inequalities in health systems, projects, climate change, and increasing the awareness of mental health amongst first responders. The vision is to increase engagement and participation and bring the voices of the farthest left behind to the forefront of global health solutions.

Current Student Representatives 2023/2024


Bláithín O'Reilly- University College Dublin

Bláithín is a Master of Public Health student at UCD and a recent Physiology graduate from NUIG where she was also an SOT rep. Bláithín’s primary interests within global health lie with global health promotion and equal access to health services. As a member of the SOT, she hopes to engage fellow students and peers on issues regarding global health inequities as well as learning more about global health issues in the process!

Contact here: [email protected]


Elyse Guettier - National University of Ireland, Galway

Hi everyone! My name is Elyse Guettier, and I am a second-year medical student at the University of Galway with a strong interest in public health as a future career! My interests include infectious diseases, global health inequities, and health policy. This year, I am the representative for the University of Galway, where we have started our very own IGHN Society to encourage students to get involved in global health issues through various educational and social events! If you are in Galway, drop by and join the conversation.”


Current Young Professionals 2023/2024

Young Professionals

Ciara Keating

Ciara has recently completed her MSc in Immunology & Global Health at Maynooth University. Her interest in Global Health came from completing her BSc in Health and Society at Dublin City University. Ciara is particularly interested in infant and maternal/women’s health and advocating for access to health information/services. Throughout her MSc her interest and knowledge of these topics strengthened and expanded, with her thesis research project focusing on the influences on the structure of the human milk microbiome.  

Ciara is excited to become part of the Irish Global Health Network and looks forward to networking and collaborating with students and professionals that share the same passion for Global Health. 

Contact here: [email protected]

Asiya Mu'azzam

Asiya had recently completed her Master in Public Health MPH at University College Dublin. Previously, she studied her BSc in Health and Society at DCU. This degree ignited her interest in health on the global scale.

Asiya is most interested in health literacy which inspired her Master dissertation entitled “Can Patient And Practitioner Interactions Towards The Perceived Value Of Testing And Diagnosis of Malaria in Rural Uganda Strengthen Community Health Systems?” This dissertation covered the global health issue of patient and practitioner communication.

Asiya has joined the Irish Global Health Network to connect and innovate with the new generation of global health professionals in Ireland

Contact here: [email protected]

Past Student Representatives: 2022/2023

University of Limerick

Arjan Ahluwalia- University of Limerick

Hi, my name is Arjan Ahluwalia! I am in my 3rd year of medical school at University of Limerick, School of Medicine. Prior to Ireland, I pursued a degree in Bachelor of Science in Canada.

My passion for global health manifested from a seminar I attended on healthcare access and burden of pay on the migrant population. Since then, I consistently find myself seeking opportunities to become a part of global health initiatives. One of my commitments to this passion was a self-directed project on critical analysis of current health guidelines and recommendations to improve healthcare access in rural India.

I’m hopeful to network with the SOT to reach bigger audiences regarding health inequities and work towards improving health outcomes at all levels of care. 

Contact here: [email protected]

Kenechukwu Okoye - University of Limerick

My name is Okoye Kenechukwu Stanley. I am a Postgraduate student in Public Health at the University of Limerick. I am presently the 2022/2023 Student Representative for the Irish Global Health Network.

Contact here: [email protected]


University College Dublin

Sajja Singh- University College Dublin

Sajja is an Erasmus Mundus Excellence Scholar pursuing Masters in Public Health at University College Dublin. Sajja is keen on research, health policy formulation and implementation and has experience working for young people’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Nepal. She also has experience working with grassroots women’s organisations as part of her work with Nepal based women’s fund named ‘Tewa’.  Sajja is also passionate about social justice and human rights and holds a strong advocacy background at National and Regional level where she has advocated for young people’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD), Asia Pacific Population Conference (APPC) and Nairobi Summit ICPD+25 are the spaces where she has represented young people’s voices. 

Contact here: [email protected]

Saswati Ghosh- University College Dublin

Saswati is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Health at University College Dublin. She had completed her first Masters in Molecular Virology from India, during that time she had closely worked with various organizations and studied population affected by vector-borne and zoonotic diseases.

She is primarily interested in increasing awareness among the common people regarding the measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of contracting such diseases and also increasing the access to healthcare facilities for all. Thus, working towards one of the targets of Goal 3 by eliminating the epidemics of malaria, AIDS, TB, other water-borne and communicable diseases.

Saswati is very delighted to join IGHN and hopes to connect with like-minded people and also gain knowledge about Global health issues during the process.

Contact here: [email protected]

Úna Carolan - University College Dublin

Una is a 2022 Graduate of University of Galway with a BSc in Physiology.

She is also a current first year Graduate-Entry Medicine student in UCD with a keen interest in research, public health, and health education.

Contact here: [email protected]

Trinity College Dublin

Aidan Desjardins - Trinity College Dublin

Aidan is a final year microbiology student at Trinity College Dublin. He first became interested in global health after participating in a research project investigating antimicrobial resistance. He hopes to engage his peers and members of the general public to advocate for greater awareness of global health issues. His primary interests are advocacy for planetary health policies, expansion of healthcare access, and the eradication of neglected tropical diseases.

Contact here: [email protected] 

Sera Rachel Jacob - Trinity College Dublin

Sera is an MSc Global Health Student, Trinity College Dublin

She is also a Physician, Health Equity activist and Member of Student Outreach Team (IGHN).

Contact here: [email protected]

Past National SOT Co-ordinator

Amy Ennis - Trinity College Dublin

Amy Ennis is a recent graduate with a B.A in European Studies from Trinity College Dublin. Amy works in non-profit recruitment and in spare time volunteers with the Education Service for Migrants and Refugees. Amy’s passions are education, gender equality and international development.  With her experience in student mentoring and public relations she is looking forward to her role as co student coordinator.


Evani Patel – RCSI

Evani Patel is a third year Canadian medical student at RCSI’s Graduate Entry Program. Before moving to Dublin, she completed an Honours Bachelors’ of Science in Global Health at the University of Toronto. Her interest in Global Health grew as a result of her involvement with the NGO, Partners In Health.

During her time in Toronto, she was involved with research on refugee and migrant health, which soon led her to a trip to Greece where she was able to learn about solidaric health systems and the importance of equity in community partnerships.

As a future physician, Evani hopes to reinforce principles of Global Health at all levels of patient care, and work within the field of social medicine across the globe.

Contact here: [email protected]

University College Cork

Anton Malakhveitchouk- University College Cork

Anton Malakhveitchouk is a Belarussian-Canadian third year graduate-entry medicine student at UCC. Prior to starting medicine in Ireland, Anton completed an Honours B.Sc in Computer Science and Biology at McGill University in Canada. During medical school and his undergraduate studies, Anton participated in exchanges abroad where he gained exposure to different medical systems and developed an interest in global health. At UCC, Anton completed a placement with the public health department where he learned about Ireland’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before his role as an SOT Rep with the IGHN, Anton was the Chairperson and cofounder of the UCC Public Health Society. Anton’s primary interests within Global Health lie within the environmental links to health and preventative medicine. As a future physician, Anton hopes to incorporate global health and preventative medicine into his practice.
Hobbies include entrepreneurship and learning languages. Also a dedicated foodie and professionally tall.

Contact here: [email protected]

SOT Partners

If you have ideas for the group or would like to apply to serve as the representative for a university not listed, please email: [email protected].




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