Our Team

Our Team

At the IFGH, we work hard to support our members and get the message out across the whole of our extensive network, but this doesn’t happen by itself!

Our team is comprised of two important components – the Secretariat, who conduct the majority of IFGH operations, and our dynamic Student Outreach Group Members, who conduct events and outreach in academic campuses around Ireland, north and south.

The IFGH Secretariat

Nadine Ferris France

IFGH Operations Director

Nadine Ferris France is the Operations Director for the Irish Forum for Global Health and ESTHER Ireland. She is a communicator, writer, trainer and civil society activist with over 20 years’ experience in gender, HIV and global health. She has worked extensively with global, regional and national civil society networks on HIV and TB for many years as the co-founder and Executive Director of Health & Development Networks (HDN).

In addition to her experience within the NGO-field, she has also worked extensively with the World Health Organization and also lectures with various academic institutions. She is currently a member of the Programme Advisory Panel for the Robert Carr Civil Society Network Fund and the European AIDS Treatment Group. At this stage in her own professional development, she is particularly passionate about issues such as self-stigma affecting people living with HIV and survivors of gender-based violence. Nadine holds an MSc in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin. Her full profile is available at:https://ie.linkedin.com/in/nadinefrance1

If you wish to contact Nadine, please email: nadine@globalhealth.ie

Jasmine Huber

IFGH Professional Intern

Jasmine moved from Canada to Ireland last year to complete her MSc in Global Health at Trinity College Dublin. She teamed up with Nadine Ferris France for her dissertation exploring beliefs and experiences underlying self-stigma among sex workers working in Vietnam. Her interests within global health are focused on protecting human rights for health specifically in relation to gender, while still holding onto her passion for mental health from her first degree in psychology. Jasmine is excited to continue her path within global health and working for IFGH/ESTHER Ireland. 
As the Professional Intern for IFGH/ESTHER Ireland, she is responsible for overseeing the 2017 small grant round. She is also helping with M&E and the annual report. 
If you wish to contact Jasmine, please email: jasmine@globalhealth.ie

Student Outreach Group

The IFGH Student Outreach Group was formed to give students a stronger voice in the IFGH. It is composed of a group of current students and recent graduates of courses related to global health and development. This group allows the students to contribute new and innovative ideas, helps ensure that the IFGH is meeting student needs, and provides members with exciting opportunities and connections in the field of global health. Read more here.