Become a Citizen Journalist

Become a Citizen Journalist

Who are the Citizen Journalists?

journalismThe Key Correspondents (KC) Team is a vibrant network of more than 250 citizen journalists reporting from around 50 countries. A large number of KCs are people living with or affected by HIV. All the KCs are volunteers and include those working in advocacy, media, health and development.

KCs are invaluable in documenting local realities and giving a voice to the voiceless to ensure those not able to tell their stories are heard. From personal struggles for healthcare to the way in which community organisations tackle HIV, the stories told are as diverse as the KCs themselves.

KCs ‘speak their world’ in order to make the world listen. By posting dispatches and engaging in debate on this website – read by campaigners, health professionals, academics, policy makers and journalists – KCs are able to communicate the reality of health and development to key influencers as a way to advocate for political and social change.

KCs’ work also appears in the mainstream media, across social media networks and in healthcare consultations and advocacy projects.
A number of IFGH members are part of the global KC Team. Email us ( to find out more or visit

Key Correspondents and advocacy

Many KCs campaign on healthcare and human rights issues and some play a key role in pushing important health issues up the agenda in their countries. A number sit on National Partnership Platforms, national alliances of civil society organisations, which come together to share information, ideas and strategies on responding to HIV, TB and broader health issues.

KCs also participate in transnational advocacy work. As part of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 2011 Partnership Forum consultation, a team of KCs was commissioned to interview communities in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. KCs produced a range of in-depth features, a final summary report and a video of the resulting Partnership Forum in Sao Paulo.


The KC team is an independent network, supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The Alliance provides long distance mentoring plus training opportunities. It also provides international platforms to showcase KC work.

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